What is the use of the Fn key on the keyboard?

Fn stands for function and allows you to access a wide range of alternative functions for your other keyboard keys. The Fn key was initially created due to lack of space on previous keyboards. Instead of adding more keys, the manufacturers decided to give each key multiple functions.

For example, if you press the Fn key with another key, on some laptops you can adjust the screen brightness or keystrokes of the keyboard. It might be said that you should consider the Fn key as a key similar to the shift key. Depending on your device, Fn can also allow you to:

  • Turn the volume up and down.
  • Mute the internal speaker of your laptop.
  • Increase or decrease the brightness or contrast of the monitor.
  • Enable standby mode.
  • Put your laptop in hibernation mode.
  • Eject the CD / DVD.
  • Lock the keyboard.

This key can be used differently depending on the operating system; But Macs, Windows, and even Chromebooks all have versions of the Fn key.

Where is the Fn key on the keyboard?

On Apple and PC laptops, the Fn key is usually located in the lower left corner of the keyboard next to the Ctrl key. On the other hand, some chromebooks may not have this key, or in some they may be close to the space key.

On MacBook laptops, you can usually find the Fn key in the bottom row of the keyboard. On Apple full-size keyboards, this key is located next to the delete key. Also on the Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard, the Fn key is in the lower left corner.

If your computer does not have an Fn key, your keyboard probably does not have any alternative functions. In this case, you may need to buy a better model.

How does the Fn key work?

How to use the Fn key varies depending on the operating system you are using. This key is used similarly to other modifier keys, such as shift keys, often with the F1-F12 keys (function keys) at the top of the keyboard. Functions are usually specified with different symbols, even on different operating systems. For example, the sun symbol is commonly used to indicate the brightness of a screen.

AttentionThe Fn key does not always work with peripherals like the main computer. For example, on an external monitor, pressing Fn and the brightness key may not adjust the brightness.


On Windows PCs, access to special F1-F12 functions will be available by holding down the Fn key and then pressing one of the function keys. This can include functions such as mute or adjust screen brightness. So to use the Fn key on a PC, hold down the Fn key and then simultaneously press any function key you want to use.

Some keyboards have an Fn key that turns on when activated. If your keyboard is the same, make sure the Fn key is enabled before pressing the function keys.


On Mac computers, the F1-F12 keys perform special functions by default. For example, the F11 and F12 keys increase or decrease the volume of the computer without having to press the Fn key first. Pressing the Fn key and then one of the F1-F12 keys will trigger a specific secondary action for each application you are currently using.

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Some Fn keys have a color code to match specific functions. On the Fn key of these keyboards, you will see fn in two different colors. These keyboards have two sets of secondary functions with color code (for example, function keys in blue and red). For example, if your Fn key is red and blue, pressing Fn and a red key will work differently than pressing Fn and a blue key.

Most computers allow you to customize your function keys to some extent. In MacBook you can choose whether the F1-F12 keys use their own special keys by default. Some keyboards allow you to use fn lock Disable the Fn key.


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