What is the difference between Android and Android Go?

You can think of Android as a solution that companies like Nokia and Motorola can use to build smartphones with functions similar to Google’s Pixel phones.

written by Android CentralIn general, Android phone manufacturers decide what hardware to use in their product and then use the Android source code to develop its operating system. In this field, Google has given a lot of freedom to companies like Samsung, which allows them to produce high-end and advanced Android phones and then change the software and operating system to support the additional features they want. If smartphone manufacturers want to use Google services and brands like Chrome, Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Play in their products, they must run a series of tests on their devices.

These tests are really only meant to do one thing, and that’s to make sure all the standard apps on Google Play are running. The internet search giant needs to do this so that the app market is available on all versions of its mobile operating system, otherwise you wouldn’t know which apps in the Google Store work on your device and which ones don’t. When smartphones pass these tests, Google can standardize how apps are written for the Play Store and more on every device.

The manufacturers of products equipped with Android One lose some of their independence regarding hardware and software. When a phone equipped with this operating system is in production, Google will make the final decision about the hardware of the device to ensure that the product offers the necessary quality at an affordable price, and then it will oversee the development of the software, and the responsibility for updating it will be on the search giant. It will be the Internet. Android One was originally designed for the Indian market, but now the scope of this version has been expanded to be used on a wider range of products.

What is Android Go?

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