What is smartphone addiction and how to overcome this negative habit?

Excessive consumption or use of anything can lead to addiction. The smartphone is no exception to this rule, and its incorrect use may confuse and confuse a person. How to use this device correctly and when it is better to keep the phone screen away from you are the things that we will discuss later. In general, excessive use of mobile phones is an unhealthy habit, and if you think that you too have this habit, you should know that you do not need to give up your smartphone suddenly and for a long time, you just need to limit yourself a little. do.

What is smartphone addiction?

It is no exaggeration to say that smartphones have significantly increased communication and productivity; Although, as we said, excessive use of this useful and practical device can also cause harm.

In general, smartphone addiction can have different definitions. However, things like checking or obsessively using the phone, feeling disturbed when away from it, and using the phone in a way that interferes with one’s social life and activities, correctly describe addiction to this device; Especially for people who are more or less struggling with these problems.

In addition, smartphone addiction or excessive use is a common problem among many people in society; So if you spend a lot of time searching the internet, know that you are not alone. according to Harvard UniversityThanks to text messages and social media notifications, smartphones provide the brain with social stimuli that make it hard to give up. It’s no wonder that many people find it hard to ignore their phone for long periods of time.

What are the disadvantages of smartphone addiction?

According to the report of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, excessive use of smartphones can lead to anxiety, poor sleep quality, and even physical problems in the fingers, neck, back, and shoulders. If you spend a long time surfing and browsing social networks at night before going to sleep, these things probably seem familiar to you.

In addition to the aforementioned, when you spend a lot of time using your phone, naturally you will not have time for other entertainment or social activities; But what can be done to deal with this problem? You can control the way you use your smartphone with the methods that we will discuss below.

How to reduce the use of smartphones?

It is rare that bad habits disappear completely suddenly; Therefore, if for any reason you want to reduce the time you use your smartphone, you should slowly wean it off; Because it is easier and will have a greater impact on the productivity of the mobile phone. In fact, in this way, you get used to the correct use of the mobile phone.

1. Reduce the attractiveness of the phone by applying neutral colors

It may seem simple, but reducing the bright colors will make you tired of looking at the phone sooner and will reduce its appeal to some extent. To do this, set the screen colors to black and white; In addition to reducing battery consumption, this makes programs, websites, and even texts lose some of their appeal and attract the user’s attention less. In Android phones, you can enter System in the settings menu. Then, in the Developer Options section, tap Simulate Color Space and select Monochromacy from the available options.

It goes without saying that in some other Android phones, this feature is called Sleep Mode, and to access it, you need to go to Modes and Routines and activate it. By activating this feature, all the colors of the phone will become gray and it can be useful for people who have color blindness problem.

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