What is RSS and what is its use?

You may have come across the orange “Subscribe to RSS” icon on some websites. In a way, this sign can play the same role as a browser bookmark for you, with the difference that it provides you with more and more regular features for browsing the web and reading news and articles.

RSS is actually a method of distributing new data that is published daily on websites, from news and articles to reviews and reviews. In the future, stay with Zomit to introduce RSS and learn about its benefits and how to use it.

RSS (abbreviation of Really Simple Syndication) or more simple co-publishing, is a web feed that, at the same time, improves the way users interact with content in the virtual space and provides faster and easier access to “website updates” in a standard, XML-based format. he does. This technology establishes very simple connections with these websites (Web Syndication) and provides the user with the summarized or full text of the articles along with their metadata (date of publication and author’s name) through RSS news reader or feed reader.

The term Syndicate is similar in meaning to Republish content It indicates that its main focus is broadcasting and distributing content through a platform different from the original platform. When the website provides the possibility of republishing the summary or all of its content on other websites, it is said to have gone to the syndication method.

Simply put, RSS feeds save you from constantly checking your favorite websites for new news and articles; Today, most websites offer this technology, often for free (and rarely with a subscription fee), to increase user engagement with their website and get the latest published content, such as news, articles, or new audio and video content, as quickly as possible. users to deliver.

RSS feeds are simple and standard text files in XML format that are loaded using RSS reader software or Feed Readers and provide access to users in a very short time after each update. Every website can have one or more RSS feeds where the content is listed in order of newest to oldest. These feeds in two ways Automatically Or manual are produced:

Content management in most prominent websites and blogs with the help of tools and software called Content management system or CMS (abbreviation of Content Management System) is done; In these websites, when the author publishes the content with CMS software, the required codes automatically They are created to generate an RSS feed, and when new content is published, this content replaces the old content. Today, more than 70% of websites use a content management system.

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