What is network-connected storage or NAS?

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. NAS devices are called NAS drives or NAS systems. Network-connected storage space acts as a centralized network subscription for use on a local area network. Other machines on the network can connect to the NAS to read and write data; It is as if the drive is connected directly to their computer. Therefore, data is stored on a NAS and can be accessed through a network connection.

Networked storage space

NAS devices make it easy to share storage space between complete networks of computers and other devices. NAS system has many applications; These include sharing shared documents, sharing group projects, playing media such as music and video, or backing up local machines.

What is network-connected storage or NAS?

Networked storage space is designed to be scalable and allows you to add or replace drives in the absence of space with many solutions. Some of these systems use multiple drives in RAID (Multiple Array of Independent Disks) for redundancy or speed; Others rely on a single drive for much smaller operations.

Buy or build your own NAS

You can get proprietary NAS systems in a variety of forms, such as simple, raw enclosures that require you to purchase a hard drive, or complete products that connect directly to the router and require minimal configuration. Many wireless routers have NAS performance. The now discontinued Apple Airport Time Capsule has room for a hard drive inside and is a great time to back up your car.

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Routers like the TP-Link AC1750 have a USB connector on the back that allows you to share the contents of the drive over the network. However, none of these solutions are as efficient or powerful as a dedicated NAS device.

You can also make a NAS drive from an old computer or Raspberry Pi. FreeNAS is a great way to reuse old computers and drives that you do not use in a network-connected storage. If you are looking for troublesome projects, you can do the same with Raspbian Pi with Raspberry Pi.

As you read, if you need a centralized local storage hub that anyone on the network can access, NAS is a good idea. NAS is like your fast, personalized cloud storage service at no cost.

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