What is MAC address and how to find it on computer and phone?

Every computer or device on the Internet has two types of addresses: physical address and Internet address. The physical address, also known as MAC address, is used to identify the device connected to the network. URL or address IP also Identifies the device globally. A data packet needs both addresses to reach its destination. What exactly is the MAC address? What is its application and what is its main difference with IP address? In the following, we will answer all these questions.

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What is MAC address?

MAC address or A Media Access Control address is a unique identifier assigned to a network card (NIC) by the manufacturer. A network interface card or network module enables the connection of various devices to the Internet through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

MAC addresses are used to distinguish devices from each other in the local network. MAC address consists of a 48-bit or 64-bit address that is hardwired into the network interface card at the factory. It is embedded and connected to the network adapter. All network cards have different MAC addresses by which they are identified. A MAC address is also known by other names such as Ethernet hardware address (EHA), mapped address (BIA), adapter address, network hardware address, physical address, or Wi-Fi address.

Mac address application

Network cards each have a unique MAC address. Packets sent in the network environment always come from the same MAC address and are sent to the same MAC address. If a network adapter is receiving a packet, it compares the destination MAC address of the packet with the adapter’s own MAC address. If the addresses match, the packet is processed; Otherwise, it will be ignored. Therefore, the physical address provides a secure way to locate the sender or receiver on the network and helps prevent unwanted access to the network.

From Physical addresses can be used to grant or deny access to specific devices on a network. You can even configure your home internet based on the MAC address of the devices that want to connect to it to ensure that unauthorized devices do not have access.

The difference between IP and MAC address

The most important difference between IP and MAC is that the MAC address The second layer (data link layer) and IP address betweenThe third (network layer) it works. MAC address and IP address identify network devices; But they do this at different levels. MAC addresses identify network devices on a local scale; But the IP address controls how devices communicate on the Internet on a global scale.

The MAC address is only important in the local network to which the device is connected, and is not used or retained in the data stream after the packets leave that network. Any internet software, such as a web browser, stores data using IP The destination address points to a destination on the Internet. Internet routers transfer packets from the source network to the destination network and then to the local network to which the destination device is connected.

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In fact, IP LAN Converts the address to a MAC address and adds the MAC address to the data stream and sends the data to the appropriate device. A physical address assigns a unique identifier to a hardware network interface, and an IP address assigns a unique identifier to a software network interface.

Another difference between MAC address and IP address is how the addresses are assigned. The MAC address is permanently assigned to the adapters and since it is a physical address, it cannot be changed. IP addresses are assigned both statically and dynamically. An IP address is assigned to a network device through software settings, and network administrators can change it at any time.

IPare temporary identifiers; But the MAC address is a permanent identifier. Two or more different devices cannot have the same MAC address; But it is common to assign a single IP to several different devices.

Find the MAC address of different devices

A MAC address consists of 12 hexadecimal digits, usually divided into six pairs separated by a space or The colons are separated. Physical addresses range from 00-00-00-00-00-00 to FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF. The first half of the number represents the manufacturer identifier (OUI) and the second half represents the device identifier (NIC).

Find the MAC address of different devices

You can easily find and check the physical address of any device with any operating system. Each device connected to the home network has a unique MAC address; But if your system has multiple network adapters, such as an Ethernet adapter or a wireless adapter, each adapter or NIC will have its own MAC address or physical address. Next, get to know the methods of finding this address for different devices.

Find the MAC address of the iPhone

In iPhone, Mac address is called Wi-Fi Address. Follow the steps below to see this address:

  • Settings Open and on General tap
  • Roy About tap
  • Scroll down. Your iPhone’s MAC address in the field Wi-Fi Address Written.

Find the MAC address of the iPhone

Find the MAC address of Android

  • From settings to About phone go.
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  • Roy Status information tap
  • in part Phone Wi-Fi MAC address View the MAC address of the phone.

Find the mac address of android

Find the mac address of the computer

The following method macOS 10.12 Sierra and later It has been tested. These steps are for all versions that go to OS X 10.7 Lion they return, it is the same; But in older versions as WiFi Address mentioned.

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner.

Find mac address on mac

  • System Preferences Choose.

1- Find MAC address on Mac

  • Network select

2- Find MAC address on Mac

  • In the lower right corner on the button Advanced click.

3- Find MAC address on Mac

  • Now you will see your MAC address.

4- Find MAC address on Mac

  • Windows

  • on the icon start click.
  • in the search box command prompt Type and click on the search result.
  • In the command line ipconfig /all type and press enter.

1- Find MAC address with command prompt

  • Scroll down and set aside values Physical Address find the This will be the MAC address of your computer.

2- Find MAC address with command prompt

Finding the MAC address of the modem

Every cable modem, regardless of brand, is uniquely identified by its cable modem ID or MAC address. This address is a part of the modem hardware that is associated with a specific user account. There are many cable modems on the market; But the method of finding the MAC address of modems is usually the same. Generally, the MAC address of the modem can be found on the bottom of the modem or near or on the barcode label with the modem’s serial number.

Find the MAC address of the modem

Most often the MAC address of the modem after the letters MAC Or EA appears (eg MAC 00-12-ab-34-cd-5e). what after MAC Or EA will appear, it will be the MAC address of your modem.


We hope this article has helped you understand the concept of MAC address. If you still have doubts or if you still can’t find the physical address on your computer or phone, share your problem with us and other Zomit users.

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