What is logomotion and what is its use?

In today’s world, more than ever, consumers are interacting with brands digitally. The reason for this is technological advances. Now brands can take advantage of the available facilities in order to present a lasting effect that will remain in the mind of the audience.

Animating the logo can help the audience learn more about the brand. Logomotion is able to show people the story behind the brand and explain the nature of the business more than a fixed logo.

In this article, we are going to talk about Logo Motion and its applications so that you can get to know it more than before. So stay with us until the end of the article.

What is Logo Motion?

The logo is the visual identity of any brand and represents the goals and products of the company. A great logo can help your audience connect more with your brand.

Now imagine that instead of a static image, the brand logo is animated and makes consumers pay more attention to it. A motion logo (or animated logo) simply takes the image of a brand logo and makes it more interactive by adding motion graphics or animation to the design.

Of course, this logo is not only for companies and content producers and people who have a personal brand also use it. Probably, in your favorite YouTube videos, there is also an animation part that shows the user information about his channel in a very short time; This is also an example of logo motion or logo intro.

What are the uses of logo motion?

As we said a little before, logo motion can be used to introduce the brand and the story behind it. But does it have other uses and why should we use the Intro logo at all?

In the following, we have listed some cases in which logo motion can be used.

Email signature

One of the uses of logo motion is to add it to email. This way, the people who receive the message will quickly know which brand sent them the email and also because of the animated nature of the logo, they will remember it more.

In fact, you should convert your motion logo into a Gif and add it to your email.

Intro/outro video

One of the applications of logo motion that most of us have come across at least once is the intro and outro of YouTube videos. Many content producers use this technique to show their personal brand more to the audience.

Of course, it is not only on YouTube that we see such a thing. Rather, logo motion can be used in the intro/outro of all videos, for example, the company’s product introduction video that is going to be played in the meeting.


The website is also a good place to put the motion logo. When someone enters the site, an animated logo can attract their attention and make them more interested in the brand.

In many sites, we see the use of logo motion, and this shows that its use has a positive result.

Social Networks

Placing the motion logo on social networks can help to repost it more. Also, users who are going to search for your brand name in an application like Instagram will see your animated logo and it will probably stay in their mind.

Important tips for creating a motion logo

If you are planning to create a motion logo for your personal brand or business, you should pay attention to some important points that we will mention below.

1. As short as possible but beautiful and effective

A long moving logo not only does not attract users to the brand, but can also have a negative effect. Don’t forget that today’s human has a very short attention span, so speak quickly.

You need to make your motion logo as short as possible, but short on time doesn’t mean it’s simple. You can still convey the meaning of the brand and product well with a nice design and sensible logo shape. To do this, you need to understand and communicate the meaning behind your logo.

2. Understanding the style and types of motion logos

Before creating a moving logo, it is better to have a proper understanding of the styles and types of motion logos. We will talk about its types below, but in general, you should know that you want your short brand video to be exciting, calm, stylish, etc. Which style can tell your audience that they are facing a new and different brand.

3. High importance of branding

Whatever you do, you should keep in mind that branding comes first. A great animated logo can have a powerful branding effect and add more value to a business. Instead, more people will come to your company and love it. But if the logo emits weak motion, it may have a negative response.

4. Good impression at first glance

A good first impression gives viewers a better chance to recognize your brand. If you don’t like your logo, you are more likely to lose potential customers.

The right initial impression means that your animated logo perfectly matches the brand’s style and goals; Therefore, you need to know what part of your company can evoke the emotions of the user.

How many types of logo motion do we have?

Now that we have talked about the nature of logo motion and its uses, let’s take a look at its different types. In general, there are three main types of logo motion, which we will explore below.

Flat motion logo

As it is clear from the name of this type, the output of the motion flat logo file is a 2D animation. Also, graphic and sound effects help it to attract more attention of the viewer.

Most of this type of logo motion can be seen in YouTube videos, where the content producer makes his channel logo look more attractive with the help of graphic animations.

3D motion logo

After the flat type, we have the 3D motion logo, which is more professional and can use other elements such as 3D effects and shapes, camera movement, and special designs.

If you go for this type of logo motion for your brand, the result will be professional and attractive. Of course, you can’t say that 3D is superior to flat, and you just have to see what your purpose is for making it and what story you want to tell.

The motion logo is ready

But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money to create a motion logo for your brand, there is another way. Currently, there are various graphic software and ready-made templates that can do this for you.

You just need to add your original brand logo to the software, then find the template you want and wait for your new motion logo to be created. So easily! You can even use this method to create a basic intro logo and then make changes to it.

In the rest of the article, we will introduce software that can accompany you on this path.

The best tools for creating motion logos

1. Renderforest

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