What is GB WhatsApp and how is it different from regular WhatsApp?

Download statuses

Another interesting feature of GBWhatsApp is the ability to download or share images and videos that your audience puts in their status.

Send high-quality photos

Using the GBWhatsapp application, you can send images with high resolution and quality.

Disabling pop-up notifications

In GB WhatsApp, you can disable the display of pop-up notifications on the phone’s home screen. Also, this app allows you to get notified whenever anyone in your contact list changes their profile picture.

Support for different languages

Unlike the original version, the GB WhatsApp application supports several other languages ​​in addition to English, such as Chinese and Spanish.

Download and install the GBWhatsApp application for Android

As we said, the modded version of GBWhatsApp is not available on Google Play; But you can download and install its latest version for the Android operating system through the following address.

On Android OS, you may need to enable “Unknown sources” from Settings > Security > Unknown sources to install APK files that you download from third-party websites.

Download and install the GBWhatsApp application for iOS

Unfortunately, there is not exactly the same version of the GB WhatsApp application developed for the Android operating system for iPhone users. This group of users can get a very similar version from the App Store. iPhone users can download the cloned version of GBWhatsApp through the link below.

  • First, to download the GBWhatsApp application, you need to enable some permissions.
  • After downloading, install the application and enter your phone number after running the program.
  • Confirm your chosen password and number.

The dangers of using GB WhatsApp

The GBWhatsApp application is an unofficial version similar to the original version of WhatsApp, which at first glance may tempt users with its diverse and attractive features to use this version instead of the original version; But be careful that these features damage the main nature of the official version of WhatsApp, i.e. end-to-end encryption of the application. The security of your data and your privacy are more important than these features and there is no guarantee of data security when using GBWhatsApp.

In addition, since the installation file of this application is not available in official stores and you have to visit different websites to download them, we do not recommend using this application.

Zomit FAQs

  • What is GBWhatsApp?

    GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the WhatsApp application, which has been developed with the aim of providing more features to the user.

  • What is the difference between WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp?

    The goal of the development of GB WhatsApp is to provide the same WhatsApp user experience in addition to more features and more diverse personalization for users; Features such as using two user accounts on one device and the possibility of automatic reply and hiding of read messages.

  • Is JB WhatsApp safe?

    WhatsApp has warned many times about using the modded version of WhatsApp (GBWhatsApp); So much so that even in 2019 it started temporarily banning accounts that were using this version. WhatsApp claims that it does not support unofficial apps like GB WhatsApp; Because it cannot verify their “security practices”.

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