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When you’re new to Twitter, you might get a little confused by the unfamiliar terms known among Twitter people as “Twitter terms.” The fact is that all these terms exist in other social networks with other names. For example, Twitter users refer to a “like” as a “fave”. This is a term that has been applied to the act of liking a tweet since ancient times. Commenting on Twitter is replaying. A repost on Twitter is the same as a retweet and…

In previous articles, some of these terms, such as what is a mention on Twitter? We explained In the continuation of the same articles, this time we will see what is a quote on Twitter? So, if you are a new user or you are planning to create a Twitter account (Opening a Twitter account; Video tutorial on creating a Twitter account), don’t miss this article.

What does it mean to quote on Twitter?

When Twitter was first developed, it was impossible to tweet what someone else had posted. Part of this pesky restriction was because most members were tweeting what they were doing or what they were thinking. However, Twitter quickly became a public forum and needed a way to quote others.

The first ReTweet appeared a year after Twitter’s launch, with some manually adding an “RT” to the front of the tweet. All “RT” did was show that what you wrote about was not your original idea; But it didn’t necessarily say where you got the tweet from.

About two and a half years after Twitter users got used to manually copying a tweet and adding RT in front of it, Twitter launched the ReTweet button. When using this button, the tweet and main idea will be highlighted. This made the conversation very easy.

In short, Twitter realized that the ReTweet button did not allow users to add context to the tweet. When they tried to add their comment using RT, the character limit severely limited what they said.

So, more than 5 years after the launch of the ReTweet button, Twitter gives you an option to do a traditional ReTweet or Quote Tweet added. The difference is that a quoted tweet includes an image of the original tweet and a retweet, which allows you to place your comment on top of the original tweet and publish both to your followers. This way, everyone can see the context behind the tweet and the main idea and source of your opinion.

How to quote a tweet?

If you want to share the tweet along with your comment, follow these steps:

  • Click on the retweet button under the desired tweet and then Quote Tweet Choose.
  • Now enter your view and then click the button Tweet Tap to tweet a quote from the tweet like the image below.

What is the difference between cut and replay?

Reply is the same as commenting. When you want to express your opinion about a tweet, you retweet it. Retweets of the tweet can be seen and read below. At the beginning of the article, we explained that when you quote a tweet, that tweet will be visible along with your quote on your profile and the timeline of those who follow you. Also, if someone opens the original tweet, they can click on Quote Tweets to see all viewable quotes for that tweet.

If you want to download a video in tweets or replies, go to the article Download video from Twitter in 5 different ways.

What is the difference between quoting and retweeting?

As you have seen, retweet and quote can be done through the retweet icon. Retweeting the tweet you selected will appear on your profile in the same way. Quoting a tweet allows you to add your own comments and even edit it.

So, when you quote a tweet, you usually feel the need to comment in support or disagreement with that tweet, or maybe you just want to share the same experience with your followers. To better understand, what is a retweet article on Twitter? read the

What does Private Quote mean on Twitter?

A private quote is when private accounts that you don’t follow quote your tweets. This means they can comment on your tweet without you knowing what they’re saying.

Zomit FAQs

  • What is the purpose of quoting a tweet?

    A quoted tweet is a retweet that allows you to put your comment on top of the original tweet and publish both to your followers. This way, everyone can see the context behind the tweet.

  • Why do Twitter users hate private quotes?

    When your tweet is private, you will not be able to see the textual content that is recorded according to your tweet; So, since it is not clear whether this view is negative or positive, it is obvious that Twitter users do not like private quotes.

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