What is a network rack; Introducing the rack and its types

As mentioned, open racks can support less weight; Therefore, it is possible to install heavier equipment by converting the closed to open rack. On the other hand, in addition to the vertical installation rail of the equipment, the closed rack also provides additional rails for the installation of peripheral equipment, including a patch panel for better management of cables and power distribution units (PDU).

wall rack: Another group of network racks are designed that can be installed on the wall so that they do not occupy space on the floor and are placed in places where other racks cannot be placed. This category of racks can also have cabinets with open or closed frames.

The common point of wall rack with open rack is that both are designed for light weight use. However, if needed, the wall rack can also be used on the floor by adding wheels.

standing upright: Another category of racks can also be defined according to its dimensions, which is called a standing rack. These types of racks are originally classified as closed racks. The size and size of the standing rack can be different in terms of height and depth. Among the most important features of the standing rack is the possibility of installing power modules with a large number of ports. Also, the large size of the standing rack makes it possible to add up to 4 fans for cooling.

rack size

The standard width of the racks is 19 inches because most rack-mountable IT equipment including the mounting frame is 19 inches. However, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute makes 23 inches the standard. Although the height and depth of the racks can be variable, in most cases the depth of the racks can be adjusted; But the height of the rack cannot be adjusted or changed. Racks are divided into other standard sections in height, which are called units.

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