What is a meteorite? How it comes about, types and everything you need to know

Don’t you know exactly what a meteorite is, what it is made of, where it comes from and where it goes?! If so, here’s a very, very short tutorial on everything you need to know about meteorites.

Since meteorites are ancient fragments of Solar system and celestial bodies, scientists do a lot of research on them to get information about the history of our cosmic neighborhood. The study of meteorites has helped us to know the fate of the solar system, how the planets and asteroids are formed, and how the great meteorites of history have affected the planet Earth. Know and understand the history of human life and other creatures on earth.

How are meteorites formed?!

You might look up at the sky on a clear night and see streaks of light that appear for a moment and then disappear. These fiery showers are known as meteors. Simply put, meteorites are rocks that fall from space to Earth.

You know that in addition to the planets and stars and other objects in the solar system, there are many dust and debris and suspended rocks in the solar system. These objects are usually separated from the surface of asteroids or left over from the tails of comets. When an object from these celestial and suspended bodies enters the atmosphere from outside and collides with the Earth’s atmosphere, many factors such as friction, pressure and chemical interactions with gases cause it to heat up and burn. A meteorite is a solid sphere of the same dust that after hitting the atmosphere to reach the surface of the planet and burn up, was saved and survived and then turned into a meteorite.

How many categories are meteorites divided into?

So far, many types of meteorites have been discovered and known, but in modern classifications, meteorites are generally divided into three categories based on their structure, chemical and isotopic composition, and mineralogy: stony meteorites are rocks that are mainly composed of minerals Silicates are formed. Iron meteorites, which are formed from a metallic nickel alloy, and iron meteorites, which simultaneously contain large amounts of metallic and stony material.

Stone meteorite

Stony meteorites are the most common type of meteorite. More than 95% of the meteorites that hit the earth are stony and are classified into two groups: chondrites and achondrites, both of which are composed of silicate minerals, but in most of them scattered fine grains containing metallic iron are also seen. Chondrites are not found in terrestrial rocks and are by far the most abundant type of stony meteorite. In comparison, achondrites make up a very small percentage of stony meteorites. Most achondrites were born on asteroids during the birth of the solar system; A few of them are also on the moon Mars has been formed.

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