What features make the Huawei FreeBuds 4 the first choice of users?

Huawei Airbus series with their attractive capabilities are products worth buying. The company’s latest product is FreeBuds 4, which, compared to previous generations, has seen a tangible upgrade in almost all sectors and can be a smart choice.

This product has just entered the Iranian market and with Huawei’s official guarantee is ready to compete in the highly competitive market of Iranian audio products. But in what areas has this new product been upgraded and what features of FreeBads 4 make it one of the best products on the market.

FreeBads 4 is an attractive product in appearance, which is combined with the utmost precision and a wealth of application technologies to be a significant choice for different users with different needs and goals. Let’s take a look at these features together to see why FreeBuds 4 can be considered one of the best devices of its kind for maximum compatibility.

Air-Like Comfort design

One of the complaints of many users is that after a short period of use of airbags, the skin surface of the earlobe reacts to the weight of the airbag, and this makes the user can not comfortably remove the airbags for a long time. use.

Huawei has solved this problem with a balanced and very light design called Air-Like Comfort, and along with the ergonomic interior and exterior design of the Airbus, the total weight of each series has been reduced to only 4.1 grams. This weight is much less than some competitors in the market and due to the balanced mass distribution structure, it does not put any extra burden on any part of the user’s ear.

On the other hand, the use of this technology has made it easier for Huawei to better deliver sounds to the inside and the user’s eardrum, and without the use of silicone series, the earbuds inside the ear remain stable and its sensitivities to Delete completely.

Open-fit Active Noise Cancellation 2.0

One of the new and very important features of airbags is noise cancellation systems. Many companies use an extra layer of silicone to prevent environmental noise from entering the user’s ear canal, but Huawei based on the Air-Like Comfort design has another way to eliminate noise without using silicone adapters. Considered.

In this regard, Huawei, with the precise design of the outer body of the headphone series, has made it possible to adapt the Airbuds as much as possible to the overall structure of the users’ ears. In fact, with the correct direction of the sound output from each series, an arrangement has been adopted so that the sound waves reach the user’s ear with the least possible deviation and distance.

But this is only part of the fascinating Open-Fir ANC 2.0 technology. Because the structure of each user’s ear is different, Huawei has used the technology to automatically detect the structure of the user’s phone in the formation of output waves into the duct, which intelligently detects the appropriate noise removal mode of the user’s ear and removes it to remove Employs low frequency sounds.

High quality audio output

One of the notable features of the AirBads FreeBuds 4 is that Huawei focuses on all frequencies of the human audible spectrum to produce and deliver sound quality. Each airbag has separate sections for amplifying and producing low, medium and high frequency sounds so that the final generated waves do not lose any important harmonics due to hardware limitations.

آوند موبایل

In this regard, each airbag is equipped with a low frequency amplification engine (Bass) that creates significant sound quality compared to other products. This section creates more vibration in the audio aperture, causing the sound bass to be produced with considerable depth, which will be much heavier and more attractive.

If you want to hear more detailed sound, you should know that the large 14.3 mm dynamic LCP driver in each AirBods can deliver quality beyond what is expected of an AirBods. Amplification of frequencies up to 40 kHz allows you to listen to the most accurate sounds from each melody played by the device and familiarize your eardrums with different tunes than before.

Apart from high-end audio playback, this Airbus is also equipped with HD recording microphones, which helps to get a much better sound than regular Airbus microphones by properly adjusting the input mode with dual microphones. do. These microphones also allow you to record audio up to a frequency of 48 kHz and at the same time, create the ability to eliminate noise or focus on close sound, which can be especially suitable for Vloggers and enthusiasts.

Various touch controls

One of the most useful solutions for easier use of Airbuds is to be able to perform various functions on it by touching the body. In fact, the Airbuds touch body is its silent user interface, which gives the user much more freedom in FreeBuds 4.

Huawei, for example, made it possible to perform functions such as answering or ending an incoming call, playing and stopping music, going to the previous or next track, as well as activating the voice assistant by touching the body twice in a row.

If you swipe up on the body of the AirBads, the volume up action will be played, and if you swipe down, the volume down function will be performed. With longer body pressure, you can deactivate the noise canceling mode and also reject the incoming call.

It is noteworthy that each of these gestures can be converted and can be changed to your liking by referring to Huawei AI Life software.

Smart voice communication with other devices

In addition to the functionalities mentioned in this article, we should mention that Huawei has made it possible to make the most of the capabilities of the Bluetooth 5.2 chip installed on the device. Perhaps the most useful feature mentioned in this section is the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously and intelligently move between them.

For example, imagine that you are working with your laptop and watching video as if you were listening to FreeBuds 4, and an incoming call to your smartphone occurs at the same time. In this case, Airbuds receives the incoming call message from the phone, instructs your laptop to stop playing video, you can answer your call and then watch the video from the continuation of the part that was stopped.

It is also possible to use AI Life software to see all kinds of information about the charge level of each airbag or storage compartment. At the same time, you can control the gesture functions and even place your device on the Smart Device platform with the right settings and use it without any restrictions when working with other devices.

آوند موبایل


Aside from the aesthetics, Huawei offers a highly functional device with the release of FreeBuds 4 that may not have been integrated into any other similar model on the market. Of course, we should also mention that in addition to the above, we can have a classic design with beautiful colors, excellent charging up to 22 hours, delay in audio playback up to 90 milliseconds, which is a great blessing for gaming and watching movies. Are also other exciting features of these airbags.

This exciting handsfree is now available in the Iranian market with an official Huawei warranty. For more information and to buy zinc This link click.

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