What do 541 SEO experts say in Iran?

Tribune platform is a pioneer in the publication of ad reports and offers digital public relations services to its clients with two approaches, SEO and branding. In this context, Tribune has published the second comprehensive report on the state of SEO in Iran with the cooperation of 541 SEO specialists and activists in this field. By reading this report, you can learn about the SEO activities of Iranian businesses and determine the most suitable SEO strategy for the year for businesses.

“Deep and specialized content” will be the first word in the future

Compared to 1400, more people chose “deep and specialized content” and “machine learning and artificial intelligence and MUM algorithm” as important ranking factors in the next two years. In 1400, these two factors were ranked second and third, respectively, according to SEO experts.

Most SEO professionals are recruited with the job title of SEO expert

Most SEO specialists are employed by companies with the job title of “SEO Specialist”. 26% of SEO activists work in the position of “SEO Manager” and 21% of them work in the internal SEO team with the job title of “Senior Expert”.

The most expensive SEO activity is content creation

The results of the survey show that SEO specialists spend most of their budget on “content production” and “fixing technical site problems” and “buying ad reports” respectively. Compared to the year 1400, the amount of money spent on content production has increased. It seems that Google’s importance to producing high-quality and first-hand content is one of the reasons for employers and companies to increase their budget.

SEO professionals measure the success of their projects by improving keyword rankings. “Improving keyword ranking” and “increasing organic traffic” are the most important metrics that SEO professionals use to measure the success of their projects. While employers and companies expect SEO projects to “increase sales”, this criterion is the third priority for SEO professionals.

Internet filtering and restrictions; Serious problems in 1401

In 1400, “inconsistency in communication with other units” and “the employer’s ignorance of the process of SEO projects” were the biggest problems according to experts in this field. In the 1401 report, “filtering and Internet restrictions” is the most difficult issue in the field of SEO, and after that, SEO activists have faced problems such as “employer’s ignorance” and “inconsistency in communication with other teams”.

The security plan is a threat to the community of SEO professionals

From the point of view of 78% of SEO activists, “Internet protection and stratification plan” will be the biggest threat to the SEO community in the next two years. As in the 1400 report, the issue of “artificial intelligence” has been raised as the second biggest threat in this field.

Only 13% of SEO specialists earn more than 30 million Tomans

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