What are the limitations of the Pixel 8 Magic Editor tool?

What are the limitations of the Pixel 8 Magic Editor tool?

To further explore Google’s limitations around the Magic Editor feature, Android Authority website analyzed the codes of version 6.60 of the Google Photos Android application. According to the codes of this program, which are responsible for displaying errors related to the user, the mentioned feature refuses to edit the following items:

  • Images of ID cards, receipts, and other documents that violate Google’s GenAI terms.
  • Images with personally identifiable information.
  • Human face and body parts.
  • When a large area of ​​the photo is selected or a large amount of data needs to be generated.

In addition, recent reports announced the possibility of adding text commands to create images to Google Photos; According to these reviews, the said feature will also refuse to create content based on commands that contain certain words after being added.

It was not possible to edit images containing faces or ID cards in older versions of Google Photos, and the program refused to generate results by displaying a general error. The changes in the new version try to make Google’s protection measures more integrated by assigning errors related to Magic Editor feature limitations.

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