What are the advantages and disadvantages of wall mesh?

Adopting new technologies in the construction industry is essential for the continued growth and evolution of this industry. Things like increasing safety, increasing productivity, reducing time and costs are always one of the main concerns of this industry. New construction methods and technologies are introduced day by day and replace older traditional solutions. In recent years, the introduction of new technologies in the construction industry has helped to increase speed, increase quality and reduce costs. But it should be noted that each construction method and each technology has its advantages and disadvantages and must be carefully evaluated for each project. Wall mesh is one of the new technologies that is welcomed in Iran’s construction industry today and has provided many advantages compared to other traditional methods. To learn more about this technology, you can read the article What is wall mesh? read the However, wall mesh may also have limitations and disadvantages according to the specific conditions of each project.

What is wall mesh?

Wall mesh is a new technology for seismic containment of non-structural walls of the building. This method is introduced in the sixth appendix of the 2800 standard, and it is actually an alternative to the old methods such as wall post and bed rebar. The mesh wall is a composite consisting of a gypsum or cement plaster reinforced with fiberglass mesh. In this method, the steel sections of other methods have been removed, and by reducing costs and increasing the speed of implementation, the productivity of construction projects has increased. Due to the many advantages that wall mesh has provided compared to wall post, this method has been welcomed significantly in the construction industry of Iran. However, like any other technology, WallMesh also faces disadvantages and limitations. In the following, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of wall mesh.

Advantages of wall mesh

One of the main advantages of wall mesh, which has made it a suitable method for seismic containment of walls, is its high speed, good quality, and lower cost. However, the advantages of wall mesh are not summarized in these cases and this method offers many advantages compared to other methods. Among the advantages of wall mesh over other traditional methods such as wall post and bed rebar, the following can be mentioned:

  • Mesh wall is cheaper than other old methods. The cost of implementing Wallmesh is 20 to 40% lower compared to Wallpost.
  • The execution speed of wall mesh is higher compared to other methods. Also, due to the removal of the bed rebar and fasteners, etc., the wall building stage is done more easily and quickly.
  • Due to the compatibility of wall mesh materials with wall materials, cracks will not occur in joinery in the future. While in the walls restrained by using wall paste, due to the difference in the thermal expansion coefficient of the wall materials and the fasteners, with the passage of time, the joinery will crack.
  • In the mesh wall solution, unlike the wall post method, there is no need to use vertical reinforcements and horizontal poles, and all operations related to them, including the construction and preparation of reinforcements, the implementation of the stainless layer, welding, concrete drilling, installing plates in concrete, etc., are eliminated. .
  • Unlike the wall post method, there is no need to use bed rebar in walls supported by wall mesh.
  • Due to the removal of fasteners, poles, metal plates, bed rebar, etc. in the mesh wall, the wall installation stage is done more easily and quickly.
  • Walls restrained with wall mesh do not have a limit in length and height.
  • Due to the fact that all the steps of wall mesh implementation are done after finishing the walls, the best solution for strengthening pre-made walls is wall mesh.

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