Wear OS smartwatches can soon unlock Chromebooks and Android phones

According to xda-developers, Google is working on a new feature that allows you to unlock your phone and Chromebook with the Wear OS smartwatch. The company announced the new feature of the future as part of its keynote address at CES 2022, along with a host of other features that improve interoperability between Android phones, Chromebooks and other devices in the Google range.

The upcoming feature lets you use the Wear OS smartwatch directly on your wrist to unlock your Android and Chromebook phones. As you can see in the published gif, you can use this feature to unlock your Android or Chromebook phone by pulling the pattern lock or entering the PIN in the Wear OS smartwatch. Once the lock is unlocked, a new button will also appear to lock the devices quickly after use.

Unlock Android and Chromebook with smartwatch

the door Now Google Now the details More to subscribe Did not leave Is. According to the company, this feature mFuture updates will be available to users and more information is expected to be released in the weeks leading up to the release. The performance of the new feature will probably be exactly the same as AppleWatch, which allows you to quickly unlock an iPhone or Mac connected using a smartwatch.

Not to mention that now you can use the Android Smart Lock feature to unlock your phone with a smartwatch by adding it as a high security device. Although this feature does not allow you to set a PIN or lock pattern. If the smartwatch is connected in the vicinity, it will only unlock your device automatically. For this reason, this feature has not been noticed by users; But in the future, this problem will be solved. Therefore, it is expected to be more attractive to users.

What is your impression of this feature? Will you use it on your Wear OS smartwatch to unlock your Android or Chromebook phone?

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