Watch: What do we know about the iPhone 15?

Apple will probably unveil iPhone 15 series phones in four models at the end of September this year; The devices that are said to be Pro models are equipped with a 3nm processor and use a titanium frame.

While Apple takes a cautious approach to product manufacturing, information about iPhones continues to leak. A few months before the Apple event, we take a look at all the rumors that have been published focusing on the iPhone 15.

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Apple probably won’t make a big change in the design of the front and back panel of the iPhone this year, but it will go for curved edges. iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will probably be launched in new colors.

One of the interesting points about the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the possibility of using a periscope camera. This camera will enable 10x optical zoom (without loss of quality).

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