Watch: Video of Tesla’s new prototype cyber truck

Tesla Cyber ​​Truck is the first Tesla electric pickup truck that was officially introduced in December 2009. This controversial car looks like a science fiction car and spaceship, and its unveiling has been met with much criticism and ridicule.

According to mspoweruser, Tesla has been working for two years to adapt the design of this car to today’s regulations and has made modifications to its prototype. According to current rumors, it seems that this car will finally be launched by the end of 2022 (Azar 1401). Below, we see the first video released of Tesla’s modified cyber-driving test:

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This video was taken with the help of the Chile Al100 drone at Tesla Automobile Plant in Fremont, California, and we see that in this modified model, instead of the side camera system of the prototype, there are side mirrors. These mirrors can be moved at the will of the car owner.


In addition to the side mirrors, Tesla’s new cyber truck has a prominent wiper blade. “Mask,” he said.

By law, manufacturers must market cars with side mirrors; But owners can make any changes to their car after purchase. The prominent blade of the snowplow also bothers me. My ideal was to place the snowplow blade under the hood; But the design of this idea is very complicated and there was no other way but to put it next to the windshield.


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According to what we saw in the video, the headlight bar of the car has been replaced with a hidden light in the modified model and its cargo area has also been reduced. The design of this car for the market has not been finalized yet and more changes are possible; However, so far one million people have registered to pre-purchase the car.

What do you, the Zomit users, think of Tesla’s new cyber truck design? Can this car, like other Tesla cars, experience significant sales in the market?

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