Watch: The story of banning the import of foreign household appliances to the Iranian market

Last year, Deputy Minister of Public Industries Sammat said that 28% of the market share of household appliances is made up of smuggled products, however, market activists believe that the share of smuggled goods is much higher than this.

With the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA and the sudden increase in the price of the dollar, the Iranian authorities announced that the import of 2,000 goods is prohibited in order to prevent the currency from leaving the country. Since then, domestic appliance production has grown.

In 1400, a group of domestic home appliance manufacturers demanded to prevent the import of Korean goods. It was expected that this work would boost the country’s home appliance market, but the result was different.

Iranian producers had promised that by banning the import of foreign goods, the quality of domestic products would increase and the price would decrease; However, the price of domestic products increased without increasing the quality.

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