Watch: Sony unveils PlayStation 5 color plates

In the fall of 1399, Sony introduced its new generation PlayStation console in white, and gamers hoped that the Japanese company would also offer colored facets for this console.

When another company, Dbrand, produced faceplates in various colors and models for the PlayStation 5, Sony became very angry and took legal action against the company.

Complaints and legal action by Sony led Dbrand to suspend sales of its black custom faceplates for the PlayStation 5 for a while. The company finally registered its official faceplate patents in early December 1400 with the aim of producing color faceplates for the PlayStation 5, and in this regard, today, December 14th, 1400, it unveiled the new colors of this console.

According to verge, the new PlayStation 5 faceplates are available in all colors black, red, pink, blue and purple and will be usable for both the disc and digital versions of the PlayStation 5.

The black and red facets of this console will be available in January 2022 (December 1400) and the other three colors in the first half of 2022 (until the summer of 1401). The colors of these faceplates have been selected to match the new colors of the DualSense controller pink, blue and purple.


The new colors will be available to the public from January, but the purple version will be sold directly by Sony through early access programs in the UK, US and Germany; Other purple retailers will offer the Dual Sense controller from February 11, 2022 (February 15, 1400).

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Sony plans to launch the PlayStation 5 black faceplate directly on January 21, 2022 (February 1, 1400) in PlayStation stores; This version will be available in other stores from February 18, 2022 (February 19, 1400).

The color consoles on the Sony console will be priced at $ 54.99, and the color controllers will be priced at $ 74.99. It is now possible to pre-purchase some of these products on Amazon.

What do you think about the colors of Sony’s new faceplates? Which color do you like the most?

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