Watch: Should we buy a laptop or a desktop computer?

Personal computers were born decades ago and with the rapid development of the technology industry, today they are produced in different categories. Desktop computers are still attractive options, but if you need to take your system to different places, you have to. Buy a laptop.

Laptops are sometimes a better option, but in some scenarios it makes more sense to get a desktop system. In the following video, we fully explain the advantages and disadvantages of laptops and desktops.

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Desktop computers give you more freedom of action and it is possible to customize their components, however, you cannot upgrade many components in laptops. On the other hand, desktop computers have more processing power and these devices are considered a better option for gaming.

In the case of desktop systems, you can customize the display according to your taste, but with a laptop, you don’t have much freedom. Additionally, PCs offer you a greater variety of ports.

Your opinion, users What is Zomite? Do you prefer laptop or desktop?

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