Watch: Samsung’s foldable and rollable Flex Hybrid tablet at CES 2023

Samsung is moving beyond the realm of foldable phones. The Korean giant showed off what it calls the Flex Hybrid at CES 2023. This product is actually a prototype OLED tablet that can be rolled up and turned into a device that you can easily shrink the screen when you don’t need it and expand it when you want to do something special.

Samsung Display employees were present at the company’s booth at CES 2023 to demonstrate the Flex Hybrid. The manufacturer has not announced when this tablet will enter mass production for commercial use; But his idea looks promising for the future, assuming it can be produced at a reasonable price.

Some demonstration videos of Sleepy Kuma And David Katzmaier Available from CNET to show how the prototype works. The interesting thing about the Flex Hybrid is that its rollability is not restricted when folded. A small portion of the screen is open even when displaying the compact book-like form factor.

Samsung Display hasn’t revealed what kind of specs the Flex Hybrid will offer; But we were able to see the three cuts of the rear camera lens and how its panel works.

When this Samsung tablet is fully unfolded, the screen size is 10.5 inches, and when the rolling feature is activated using the motors, the screen size apparently reaches 12.4 inches.

The aspect ratio of the Flex Hybrid when stretched and fully rolled is 16:10; Therefore, users will experience a more vertical screen for better productivity.

If we assume that this product will reach consumers one day, the price of a tablet equipped with this display will probably be very expensive; Because Samsung has probably spent millions of dollars on research and development over several years.

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