Watch: Razr 40 Ultra durability test proves its flexible screen

Watch: Razr 40 Ultra durability test proves its flexible screen


Motorola’s Razer series foldable phone seems to have lasted a long time since its introduction in 2019. Last month, Motorola introduced the Razr 40 Ultra foldable phone to international markets, and the same device was launched in the US as the Razr+.

Flip phones are delicate in nature and although brands may guarantee their durability; Again, they should be more careful than normal phones.

to report 91mobiles A video that JerryRigEverything Published on YouTube, this foldable phone is put to the test of durability. The Moto Razer 40 Ultra gave a very surprising result in bending training.

Super bend test Moto Razer 40 Ultra

The Moto Razer 40 Ultra passes the durability test, scratches, burns and high flex. Starting with the scratch test, the Moto Razer 40 Ultra’s 6.9-inch FHD+ screen, which comes with a screen protector, picks up visible scratches at the second level and more scratches at the third level. The 3.6-inch external screen performs better, with scratches only appearing on the 7-inch.

On the other hand, the outer screen was able to withstand the lighter flame for about 20 seconds; But the internal folding screen lasted only 6 seconds.

The side metal panel along with the power and volume buttons are also easily scratched. The power button also acts as a fingerprint sensor and despite the many scratches, it still works properly. Moto Razer 40 Ultra has IP52 certification for dust and water resistance. During the test, a large part of the dust is distributed on the screen of the phone and between its hinges; But there is no problem.


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