Watch: MacBook Pro 2023 teardown by iFixit

iFixit, which usually provides step-by-step and visual personal repair guides for various electronic products including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, this time turned to Apple’s official guide for dissection of the MacBook Pro 2023.

The iFixit dissection video shows that the MacBook Pro 2023 is not very different from the previous models of this product, except for the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. Of course, iFixit’s point in its video is to see if Apple’s official instructions can help regular users repair their MacBook Pro.

Apple’s official guides are actually part of the company’s home repair program that are available to users. This program covers the latest iPhone models as well as all members of the M1 Mac series; But since the new MacBook Pro M2 Pro and M2 Max use the same design as the previous generation, you can use the guide of older models to open these products.

As iFixit points out, Apple’s guide to home repairs comes with plenty of security warnings. Additionally, users are dealing with electronic components when opening the device, some of which may be damaged in the process.

According to iFixit, Apple’s manual is quite comprehensive and its steps can be followed; But the interesting thing is that the technology giant asks users to place the MacBook screen on the edge of the table so that it never touches the battery during the repair. Also, when it comes to the repairability of MacBook Pros 2023, these laptops have received a score of 5 out of 10; Because many parts are soldered to the main board.

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