Watch: iPhone 14 Pro Max beats Pixel 7 Pro by a wide margin in battery test

Apple is known for hardware and software optimizations that allow the iPhone to offer longer battery life. However, there is always the question of whether the iPhone can compete with Android smartphones. With these interpretations, YouTuber has put the latest Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max against the Google Pixel 7 Pro in a battery life test.

iPhone 14 Pro Max beats Pixel 7 Pro with 21% more battery life

When it comes to battery capacity, the iPhone might not excite you when compared to Android phones. For example, the iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with a smaller 4,323 mAh battery compared to the Pixel 7 Pro’s 5,000 mAh battery. Both smartphones have a 6.7-inch display with similar resolution and refresh rate. On paper, the Pixel 7 Pro is a more powerful phone that should offer more battery life. nevertheless, It all depends on the optimizations and the chips that power this phone.

iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pixel 7 Pro battery life test was conducted by Phonebuff YouTube channel. This test consists of 11 different stages and whichever phone lasts longer is the winner. For more details, you can watch the following video:

As you can see, the iPhone 14 Pro Max won the battery life test against the Google Pixel 7 Pro by a wide margin. When the Pixel 7 Pro gave up, 21% of the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery life was left.

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Based on testing, Phonebuff stated that the 21% battery translated into more than four hours of Instagram browsing and 3 hours and 30 minutes of texting. As for usage time, the iPhone 14 Pro Max lasted 11 hours and 44 minutes with 16 hours of battery life in active standby mode, for a total of 27 hours and 44 minutes. On the other hand, the Pixel 7 Pro was active for 9 hours, 41 minutes and 16 hours in standby mode, which brings the total time to 25 hours and 41 minutes.

We can safely conclude that the iPhone’s A16 Bionic chip and iOS 16.1 work without any problems to provide longer battery life compared to the Tensor G2 chip and Android 13.

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