Watch: Convert Apple’s old iBook G3 to a functional case for iPad

Using a 3D printer and special tools, one of TickTook’s avid users managed to turn the iBook G3 shell into an efficient iPad case that also has an Apple Watch charger.

According to Apple Insider, Tikotaki user with the idea @skipperfilms has posted a video of the process of making this interesting device on his page. In this video, he quickly shows how he made the iBook G3 Turns it into an attractive case for your iPad. He disassembled all the internal components and left only the shell of the device. Then, he used a 3D printer to create the necessary parts to fit the iPad and accessories.

You can see the continuation of the video published on this person’s page:

He first replaced the monitor with an iPad, then inserted USB-C ports into the old port slots and added a portable power bank to charge the iPad and Apple Watch. It should also be noted that the battery pack via the USB-C port Is charged.

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The portable battery, keyboard, Apple Watch charger, and Apple Pen holder all use proprietary 3D prints designed by this person. All cables are also hidden behind the body. After the construction process was completed, the iPad itself was replaced by the old monitor so that it could be used easily.

Earlier, creative enthusiasts were turning old Apple devices into modern, efficient devices. Another similar example is the iMac G4 converter To M1 Mac Was.

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