Watch: Charting the future of the tablet, laptop and wearable industry at Mobile World Congress

MWC is one of the largest industry-focused exhibitions held every year Mobile is held. In the not-so-distant years, companies used to showcase their most important achievements at CES, but these days, this conference has fallen into disrepair and it has reached a point where sometimes Laptops make the best of Mobile World Congress!

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Despite the decrease in the attractiveness of MWC, this year we saw the unveiling of a series of exciting products; From A tablet with a 3D display to a rollable laptop and a smartphone whose back panel changes color.

One of the exciting products of MWC 2023 It was a new smart watch from Huawei that has two under the screen It has wireless headphones. Mobile World Congress is also the scene of the unveiling of the concept model It was the OnePlus 11, a smartphone that uses a liquid cooling system.

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