Watch: Blackberry’s fall is sparked by the unveiling of the first generation iPhone in the first trailer of the BlackBerry movie

According to Vergethe first trailer of the BlackBerry movie that is produced to the story The company’s flagship phone has been made available.

J. Baruchel Best known for his role in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise, Glen Houghton (actor of the series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Matt Johnson They play in this movie. Johnson is in charge of directing the project.

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Blackberry’s movie is going to focus on how the company’s keyboard phone became a business communication tool and then lost to smartphones.

One of the most interesting shots in the trailer is when the main characters are watching the unveiling ceremony of the first generation iPhone by Steve Jobs are.

Blackberry movie will be released on May 12, 2023 (May 22, 1402). If you can’t wait until then, we recommend reading the story of the BlackBerry brand on Zoomit. Apparently, the producers of Blackberry movie, the script from Roy The book Losing the Signal have written

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