Watch: Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro endurance test

By introducing ROG Phone 6 Pro, Asus launched one of the most powerful gaming phones in the world. Although the device has impressive specs, it performed poorly in endurance tests by YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. As always, endurance test JerryRigEverything On the ROG Phone 6 Pro, it starts with a scratch test; Where this device offers the same performance as other current flagships in the market. However, the most important part of this test was the bending test; Because Zack managed to easily break the phone completely in half.

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While most phones face problems during the bending test, this test did not give a positive result to the ROG Phone 6 Pro; Because by applying not so much pressure, serious damage was done to it. This seems unusual for a flagship product. As Zack points out in his video, Asus’ new gaming flagship easily breaks in the bend test, just like its predecessor, the ROG Phone 5 Pro.

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Since the ROG Phone 6 Pro retails for $1,300, its lack of bend resistance seems disappointing. However, there are two indications for this poor performance:

  • The mentioned phone is almost similar in design to ROG Phone 5 Pro and as we mentioned, the previous generation of this product was also weak in terms of bending resistance. Asus was expected to have changed some internal components of this device to increase its resistance; But it is quite clear that this did not happen.
  • It is not very resistant to water penetration; Because this device comes with an IPX4 certificate and the letter X shows that it is not resistant to the penetration of small particles such as dust. Also, the number 4 means that this phone is not waterproof and is only resistant to splashing water drops. In comparison, most of today’s flagships use the IP68 certificate, and as a result, the new Asus gaming phone lags behind its competitors in terms of resistance to water and dust.

ROG Phone 6 Pro is a powerful device that can be an attractive option for gamers; But if you buy this device, you should take good care of it; Because as you saw in the resistance test video, it does not work successfully in this field.

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