Watch: Apple’s iPhone 14 tested for scratch, flame, and bend resistance

Apple has recently launched the iPhone 14 series, and for this reason, we regularly see the release of videos of the resistance of these phones in different conditions. YouTube channel JerryRigEverything As per his usual routine, he has released a video of the standard iPhone 14’s resistance to scratches, flames and bending to give us an idea of ​​how strong this device is.

like always, Zack It starts the resistance test of the phone with its screen. At this stage, a label with numbers 2 to 9 is placed on the phone screen, each number indicating the hardness of the objects that can scratch the glass surface. For example, plastic surfaces are scratched with tools whose hardness is between 2 and 3. Normal and reinforced glass on most of today’s smartphones are also removed with tool number 6, and deeper scratches are well seen on the surface of their display with tool number 7. The screen of iPhone 14 is also scratched like other modern phones with tool number 6 and with tool number 7 we see deeper lines on the screen surface of this device. Meanwhile, Apple says that it has used reinforced glass called Ceramic Shield on its iPhones, which is more resistant to scratches and impacts than ordinary glass.

The selfie camera of the iPhone 14 is also placed under the display glass and therefore it will be resistant to common scratches. Of course, as Zack He also mentions that ceramic shield is a type of glass and there is still a possibility of breaking it. Thus, the use of screen protectors is an inexpensive solution to further protect the display of smartphones.

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In the next stage of the iPhone 14 resistance test, Zack He uses his sharpie to draw a line on the frame around the device. As you can see in the video of this test, the frame of this phone is sharp. It is worth mentioning that the buttons of this phone are also made of metal, so their resistance to scratches and shocks is the same as the frame around the device.

The rear camera island of iPhone 14 and its back body are made of glass. Of course, the LED flash of this phone is covered with a plastic layer, so sharp objects can scratch this part. Although Apple has announced that the camera lens of this company’s iPhones is made of sapphire, the tests show that their resistance is the same as that of the display glass, and you can draw a line on it with tools number 6 and 7.

The next step is the lighter flame test on the iPhone 14 screen. By applying the flame on the screen of this phone, after about 20 seconds, we see a white spot on it, but this does not interfere with touch detection and its operation. Of course Zack It applies the flame on the screen of this device for a longer time, which causes a permanent stain to remain on it.

Finally, we see the iPhone 14 resistance test against bending. Zack At this stage, by applying pressure, he tries to bend the phone from the back and front, although it seems that the very strong structure of this device does not allow us to see any bending or breaking. Thus, this device also showed a very good to good performance against bending. In the following, you can watch the full video of iPhone 14’s resistance test against scratches, flames and bending.

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