Was the earth’s air getting colder before human-made climate change?

Climate models are another tool for investigating past environments or actually mathematical representations of the Earth’s climate system. They model the relationships between the atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere to create the best possible version of reality.

Climate models can be used to investigate current conditions, predict future changes, and reconstruct past conditions. For example, scientists can obtain past concentrations of greenhouse gases based on information stored in tiny bubbles of ancient ice, and a climate model uses this information to simulate past temperatures. Current climate data and details of natural reserves can be used to test their accuracy.

Representative data and climate models have different strengths. Agents are measurable and well evaluated in response to temperature. However, they are not equally distributed over the world or over time, so reconstructing global continuous temperatures is difficult. In contrast, climate models are continuous in space and time, but despite their high accuracy, they do not capture all the details of a climate system.

The mystery of climate temperature

In their review article, the researchers evaluated climate theory, representative data, and model simulations, focusing on global temperature indicators. They carefully studied the natural processes affecting the climate, such as long-term changes in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the concentration of greenhouse gases, volcanic eruptions, and the power of the Sun’s thermal energy.

They also investigated important climate feedbacks, such as changes in vegetation cover and sea ice, that affect global temperatures. For example, strong evidence suggests that around 6,000 years ago, the Arctic had less sea ice and more vegetation than in the 19th century. This problem led to the darkening of the earth’s surface and the absorption of more heat.

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