Walmart is looking for a digital currency and NFT

Apparently, Walmat does not want to lag behind the growing trend of digital currencies. CNBC reported that Walmart had filed several trademark applications in late December to sell virtual goods at the USPTO, and in another case noted that the retailer was seeking to offer a digital currency as well as NFT. While the documents provided do not necessarily guarantee this action; But trademark lawyer Josh Gerben told CNBC that the signs were very accurate and showed that Walmart was clearly looking for ways to enter currencies and digital products.

A spokesman for Walmat told the Angjet website that the company is constantly examining how new technologies can affect purchases, and that the retailer is registering trademarks as part of the process. In other words, do not expect Walmart to approve or reject its plans to enter digital currencies at this stage.

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Walmart’s entry into digital and NFT currencies is not uncommon. After Facebook’s big name was changed to Meta and the company entered the Metavars domain, other big brands were encouraged to enter the Ramzarz and NFT space. Adidas, Nike, Gap and other popular letters have started selling NFT. Perhaps Walmart’s goal is that he does not risk losing it if this trend continues.

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