Walkie-talkie feature enabled for all Microsoft Thames users

Microsoft announced some time ago that it will add new features to the Teams app, including Wakitaki. Now, after a while, the company has finally prepared a new update for Thames that will make it possible for all users to use Wakitaki. As the name implies, it works by pressing and holding the microphone button. After doing this, you can talk and the other party will hear your voice live, and finally when you are done, you release the button. This feature is exactly the same as the traditional Wakitaki in Thames.

According to the XDA, Microsoft in its blog post announced the addition of the WakiTaki feature to the Thames app. Users of iOS and Android operating systems can take advantage of this feature by making sure that the application is up to date. The company has also announced that it will partner with Zebra Technologies to install a dedicated Wakitaki side button on some Zebra phone models. These devices are commonly used by front-line workers, and having a physical, always-on button will make it easier for colleagues to communicate.

The company uses the approach in question; Because the data show that front-line workers are excited about new technologies but do not have much stress when using them. Here’s a look at some of Microsoft’s explanations:

The new data show a shift towards optimism in technology to improve workers’ lives. In fact, 63% of front-line workers are excited about the job opportunities created by new technologies, and new technologies rank third in the list of factors that can help reduce work-related stress. We’ve already seen how Microsoft productivity data helps pay for better pay and leave time.

These capabilities have increased the use of the Microsoft Thames application from March 2020 to November 2021 by about 400%. Workers want technologies that save them time and help them experience more integrated communication and, in addition, maximize efficiency when performing repetitive activities.

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The WakiTaki feature is not yet common among instant messaging apps. Interestingly, different companies use this feature as a way to communicate directly with others.

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