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A simple search in the Telegram of different people is enough to understand the popularity and relevance of channels among users. Currently, we see large channels with hundreds of thousands or even millions of members, whose number is increasing day by day. Channels are actually a more professional version of groups that, with some important differences that we will introduce below, have succeeded in creating a popular and practical platform.

This article was written by Hamidreza Maliki on April 12, 1395 and was updated by Mustafa Asgari on December 16, 1401.

  • The first difference is that in the channel, only the admin will be able to post, and the rest of the members will have the role of readers. This is a great positive point that prevents the publication of unnecessary content and spam in the channel, and the path of the channel will always continue in a fixed direction.
  • The second difference between a channel and a group is how to join it. To join the group, you need to receive an invitation from one of the current members, but the channels were left open like Instagram’s public pages, and it is enough to become a member by visiting them and touching the Join option.
  • The third difference is in the number of members, so that the capacity of groups will be 5,000 people, while channels can even have millions of members.
  • The fourth difference is in viewing the list of members, which unlike groups, where any person could view other users who are members of the group, in channels, only the admin has this ability, and for this reason, possible disturbances are minimized.

The above differences have made it ideal to create a channel for famous people, news agencies, brands, etc., and sometimes there are people who are more active on their Telegram channel than on their official page on Instagram, for which the reasons are somewhat clear.

Posting on Telegram is incredibly faster and easier than any other social network, there is no limit on the number of text characters, video time and file format, the number of views of each post is written below it, and it must be admitted that the Telegram channel is one of the most ideal options for Setting up a personal page in the virtual world is considered.

But the Telegram channel is in no way limited to famous people or brands and news agencies, and almost any group that has access to Telegram is able to create a channel, and by the way, the largest Iranian channels in terms of the number of members are also limited to the same non-famous group, which by launching Channels of entertainment, jokes, education, cooking, etc. have gained great popularity among users. A little search among the Telegram channels is enough to realize that almost any topic you can think of can be found among the channels. In addition to entertainment channels, there are also many channels in the fields of education, news, etc., which are very useful and informative for users, and users have greatly welcomed them.

We should also mention that if you have a high number of members in your Telegram channel, you can even generate income through advertising, so that there are channels that earn several million monthly with a high number of members. If this potential of generating income and the possibility of presenting personal or public content to your audience has tempted you to have a channel, you can learn how to create a Telegram channel in the continuation of the text and start establishing your own channel.

What is the difference between public and private Telegram channels?

First, let’s answer an important question; What is the difference between public and private Telegram channels? These two modes have small differences with each other, which we will continue to introduce.

  • The first difference: Public channels will be displayed in Telegram search results, but private channels will be out of the scope of the search, and to join them, you “must” have the invitation link. In public channels, you can browse the posts by visiting the channel without becoming a member, but in private channels, you must first confirm your membership in the channel, then you can enter the channel environment and be able to view the posts. Of course, this issue is not very important because you can refer to the channel settings, hit the red Leave option and leave the channel.
  • The second difference: In public channels, the number of channel members is written below its name, and you can find out the number of channel members. But in private channels, this number will not be shown to you, and you can only guess the number of channel members from the number of posts.
  • The third difference: But the most important difference between public and private channels is how to join them. Public channels are able to create ID and short link for themselves. This is not possible in private channels and you will not be able to set an id or short link for your channel and your sharing link will be something like which will definitely prevent sharing. It will be especially difficult in printed documents.

In the following, how to create a Telegram channel with a phone (Android and iOS) and a computer (software and web) will be taught.

Creating a Telegram channel with an Android phone

First, we are going to teach you how to create a Telegram channel with an Android phone. To learn how to do this, read this section to the end.

  • To create a channel, you must first tap on the pen-like icon at the bottom of the device and select the New Channel option. Then click on Create Channel in the opened page.
  • You will face a page where you have to enter the name, photo and description of the channel you want. All these items can be edited in the future and you can change them at any time.
  • After filling in the name and description and selecting the desired photo for the channel avatar, go to the next step by touching the tick option in the top menu.

Adding information and links to create a Telegram channel on Android

  • In this section, you will be asked whether you intend to establish your channel as Public or Private, of course, even after creating the channel, you will be able to change the channel’s private or public mode.

Add a link to create a Telegram channel on Android

  • After specifying the private or public mode and specifying the Telegram ID (for the public mode), you will go to the next step, which is related to inviting your audience to the channel. You can add the desired people to the channel from among the people in your audience list. If you do not have such an intention, without selecting any user, touch the tick option on the top menu so that your channel is created and ready to use.

Now it is enough to share the ID or membership link according to the type of channel to increase the members of your channel. The method of sending posts is similar to private and normal chats, and you will only have an additional option in the form of a bell, which by turning it on or off, you can determine whether the sent messages will be delivered with sound or silence when they reach the channel members.

To specify more admins, it is enough to refer to the channel settings, and then to the Administrator section and add the desired person.

Creating a Telegram channel with an iPhone

If you are one of the iPhone users, you can create a new Telegram channel with the help of the following steps. The work steps are almost the same, but we will review them together.

  • To create a Telegram channel, open the Telegram application on your iPhone.
  • Click on the message icon in the upper right corner and select New Channel on the next page.
  • Click the Create Channel button on the channel introduction page.

Steps to make Telegram channel on iPhone

  • Name your Telegram channel. Then tap the description box and add a description to describe your channel.
  • Tap Next.
  • Select the channel type (private or public).

(tip: (If you choose public, include a link for it so that other users can find the channel.)

  • Tap Next.

Adding information and links to create a Telegram channel on iPhone

  • You can enable the Restrict Saving Content option so that subscribers cannot save content to the channel.
  • If you want to add people in your audience list to your Telegram channel, you can do it on the next page.
  • Finally, click Next to create your channel.

Your Telegram channel was created so easily.

Creating Telegram channel with desktop version

The mentioned messenger is available on Mac and Windows under the name Telegram Desktop. First, download and install its software from the Telegram website. Then do the following steps.

  • To create a Telegram channel, tap on the three-line icon and select New Channel from there.

Windows telegram hamburger menu

  • Name your Telegram channel and add a description about it in the description section.
  • Tap the camera icon next to the channel name and select an image as the cover.

Adding information to create a Telegram channel in Windows

  • Tap Create.
  • Select the type of channel (public or private).

(tip: If you want your channel to be public, create a permanent link for it.)

The section to add a link to create a Telegram channel in Windows

  • Finally, tap Done to create your Telegram channel.

Creating a Telegram channel with a web version

Now we want to go to the web version of Telegram. When you do not intend to install the said messenger software, you can also use the web version which is always being updated. In the following, how to create a Telegram channel in the web version will be taught.

  • First, enter the Telegram website and run its web version. After entering your account information, follow the next steps.
  • By tapping on the icon that looks like a pen, a small menu will open where you have to choose New Channel from the available options.
  • On the page that opens, select the necessary information, including the name, description, and image of the channel, and finally click on the arrow symbol at the bottom of the page.

Adding information to create a Telegram channel in the web version

  • On this page, find the people you want to add to your Telegram channel from among your audience. Finally, tap on the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen.

Adding new members to the Telegram channel in the web version

Your Telegram channel was created so easily.

Frequently asked questions

Finally, we go to the questions that arise in the minds of many users when creating a Telegram channel and answer them.

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What is the advantage of creating a Telegram channel?

Telegram channels can be used to increase sales, increase advertising revenue, improve customer service, increase brand awareness, etc.

One of the main advantages of Telegram channels is having an unlimited number of subscribers and members. Using Telegram channels, you can publish text, images, videos, links and files according to a schedule (or immediately).

What can channel admins do?

The channel owner can post and delete any message he wants. Also, 200 channel members can be added by him directly. Name, profile picture and link can be mentioned among other things that he will have access to. Also, removing and adding other admins is one of the things that the channel owner can do.

Finally, it should be noted that the original owner of the channel can change the access of any of the added admins.

How do I add people to my channel?

As admin and creator of the channel, you can directly invite the first 200 members. When the number of subscribers reaches 200 people, you will no longer be able to do this.

If your channel is public, it will have a username and link (eg You can send the mentioned link on social networks. But if you have a private channel, you should send the invitation link to your friends.

How to make Telegram channel link?

Telegram allows you to create a dedicated link for your channel. During the setup process, when you select your channel type as public, Telegram will ask you to create a link for your channel.

In the educational section of this article, how to create a link for the channel is explained.

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