Vice President of Technology: Startups have no problem entering the stock market

According to Zomit, for nearly three years, some startup companies, from Digikala to Bazaar Cafe, Shipoor, etc., have announced their readiness to enter the capital market; But so far none of them have managed to enter the stock market.

Accounting, pricing and valuation problems are among the problems that capital market managers have so far announced to prolong the entry of startup companies into the stock market. But now the situation has changed a lot compared to the last three years, and the old problems are no longer the reason for stopping startup companies from going public. Last year, the Minister of Communications of the Twelfth Government said that the reason for the delay in the entry of startup companies was the concern of some government agencies that do not want these companies to enter the stock market and grow. The CEO of Digikala, the company behind the closed doors of the stock exchange, also said that they would not be able to enter the stock exchange due to government opposition. But now, at the end of 1400, the vice president for science and technology says that, unlike in previous years, these companies now have no problem investing in the stock market. Sorena Sattari announces to Zomit:

In the current situation, I do not see any obstacle for startup companies to enter the stock market and they can enter this market, what I can say is that they may not want to enter the capital market themselves.

He introduces one of the current problems of startup companies to the stock market as a cultural issue and explains to Zomit:

It is a culture within the stock market system that startups have a lot of trouble with, and that is valuing and pricing these companies. It has been a lot of hard work to put such concepts in place until last year; But now we have reached the stage where stock exchange approved companies have been set up.

Tepsi, one of the leading start-up companies in the capital market, is a company active in smart urban transportation. In November 1399, it was announced that the Tepsi symbol would be placed on the OTC board; But finally, almost a year later, on the 7th of Azar of this year, the symbol of Tepsi was listed on the OTC market. Tepsi, which entered the stock market as the first Iranian startup and is in the group of computers and related activities, is still not clear about the pricing and sale of its shares.

In an interview with Zomit, Milad Manshipour, CEO of Tepsi, stated that they have no problem entering the capital market and are doing routine work related to the listing-to-supply process. He also points to some new processes for entering the capital market and tells Zomit:

Some processes are very new for startups to enter the stock market; Such as inquiring about technical knowledge and data protection mechanism that requires the cooperation of organizations.

He hopes that with the necessary cooperation, the institutions involved in this process will be able to sell their shares in the market as soon as possible.

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