verifying the identity of users; A safe wall around the “wall”

In previous years, you could buy as many credit SIM cards as you wanted without needing a national code or a valid ID card. This issue had become a way for many harassments and disturbances, and many citizens who were fed up with harassers or profiteers who took off their hats by using nameless SIM cards, protested the roaming of anonymous SIM cards in the market.

However, in the last few years, we have witnessed the failure of anonymous SIM cards; However, identityless SIM cards are not completely gone yet. There are still many fraudsters and profiteers who have dozens and maybe hundreds of numbers with a national code, and this issue has led to various harassments and frauds with SIM cards.

Although online platforms now play a significant role in the lives of citizens and life is unimaginable without using them, there are some profit seekers who seek to acquire illegal wealth or harm other users and citizens by abusing the facilities of these platforms. Therefore, the wall platform has decided to make changes in the process of registering ads with the help of its users.

One of the Wall’s measures to improve the business environment and prevent fraud and harassment of profiteers is to verify the identity of users who have decided to use the services of this platform by publishing an ad on the Wall.

Advantages of wall authentication

According to the research conducted among wall users, “identity verification” is their public request. By verifying the identity, the security of wall transactions for buyers and sellers is increased and the risk of fraud is reduced. In fact, authentication on the wall increases the security factor of users in the transaction space, increases the quality of the ad, reduces the disturbance in the chat and prevents the re-entry of fraudsters and harassers.

Why do identity verification?

Verifying the identity of users with the national code is an obstacle in the way of fraudsters and harassers; Because these are the people who create different user accounts with different numbers and every time when their user account is closed, they open a new account with a new number and abuse the services provided. With identity verification, fraudsters and profiteers will no longer have a place on the wall, and the user can use the service with more confidence and security.

How is authentication done on the wall?

Your national code is required to verify your identity and match it with your mobile number. Your national code will be queried along with your mobile number from the Shahkar system, and if it matches the national code of the owner of the mobile number, your identity will be verified. The national code is only received to verify the identity of people and is not displayed on any page.

If the SIM card is not in my name, how is identity verification done?

People whose SIM card is not in their name should change the ownership of the SIM card. To change the ownership, the current owner of the SIM card should go to the mobile phone operator’s sales representatives or counter offices by bringing the SIM card, SIM card, and valid ID card, and the buyer by bringing valid identification documents and the full postal address and 10-digit zip code of the last place of residence.

Note that the presence of the buyer and seller is required for the change of ownership; Except in the case of first degree ratio. The details of how to change the ownership of Irancell, Mobile First and Rightel are available on the websites of these operators.

Also, corporate or legal SIM card holders who use a store account or real estate panel do not need to re-authenticate. Other users who are personally active in the wall should also contact the wall support center to get guidance on continuing the wall support process.

Fraudsters will have no place!

In order to maintain the health of the platform and satisfy users, the wall seeks to reduce the access of fraudsters and abusers to the services of this platform, and in the near future, identity verification will be required for all advertiser users. To verify your identity on the wall, just enter your mobile number and national code when registering your new ad and publish your ad after confirming the match.

Therefore, if you have not done the authentication process yet, we suggest you do it as soon as possible so that the wall space becomes more secure than before. In other words, authentication on the wall makes scammers and harassers have no place on this platform!

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