Van Haima 7X; Technical specifications, facilities and possible product price of Iran Khodro

Unofficial sources have reported the arrival of a Van Haima 7X in Iran. This product in MPV class has probably been imported for review by Iran Khodro personnel.

Haima’s real name is actually Ha / MA, which is a combination of the names of the Hainan companies and the Japanese Mazda. FAW Group is the main shareholder of Haima with 49% and Mazda owns 49% of the company. The Chinese government also owns about 2 percent of Hainan Shares under the name of Hainan Province Industrial Group. The total value of Haima factories today is estimated at about two billion dollars, while with a production volume of 500,000 units per year, it is the 28th largest automobile company in China and the twelfth largest exporter of automobiles in this country.

Van class models are suitable for passenger traffic in the city. These cars are similar to taxis in terms of size and fuel consumption. In Iran, there are Chinese and Japanese vans of Delika (Fujian Motors) and Toyota brands; But domestic automakers do not pay attention to this body class.

In the global market, different types of vans are made with different dimensions. Large vans are about the size of a minibus and can be used to carry heavy loads or passengers up to 14 people. On the other hand, small vans with the same dimensions as family cars are popular in Asian countries and the United States and Canada. Naturally, compact vans are used for traffic in busy cities and narrow streets, and large models are a complement to vans or minibuses.

Van Haima 7X main view

Haima 7X is produced in the small van class and can carry 7 passengers. This model, like a crossover, is not far from the ground and can easily be used for the elderly, children, or the disabled.

Exterior design and exterior of Haima 7X

Haima 7X is classified in the middle vanity class. This model was designed by Pininfarina Studio. The version seen in Iran was unveiled in 2020 and is a relatively new product for Haima.

The main view of the Haima 7X in the van class looks attractive and eye-catching, despite the inconsistent design of some exterior devices. The main headlights are large and elongated close to the wheels. A little lower, a high beam light is installed and is hidden inside the body. On the sides of the bumper, there are LED dimmers with a vertical design that evoke the feeling of a modern car.

Van Haima 7X front view

Haima 7X windshield is very large compared to the whole body. The overall look of this part, with its lines along the headlights and bumper, looks inspired by Lexus cars, but it has an unpleasant and uneven combination. A large part of the windshield and bumper is made of plastic and black material.

Haima 7X in the side view, evokes the feeling of a modern car. The body size with lines on the front doors and handles up to the headlights is more than just an economy class Chinese model. Published images of the Haima 7X, 17-inch wheels, body-colored side mirrors with a combination of black metal and plastic, rails, panoramic roof and metal fixtures for the window frame can be seen.

Van Haima 7X rear view

In the rear view, the very large Haima 7X headlights are very tasteful. This style is attractive to the Chinese market, but in the world class, it is a negative point. Other body components, including the roof end spoiler, the body-colored bumper, and the special place for the license plate, have an acceptable design. Also, a large part of the trunk lid and the space near the taillights are black and apparently cheap plastic.

Overall, the Haima 7X’s exterior as a Chinese-made van can be rated above average. If this product enters our country at a reasonable price, it will definitely attract Iranian buyers interested in this style of car in the absence of Japanese and Korean cars. On the other hand, it should be noted that the Iranian public usually prefers crossovers and medium-sized chassis to vans.

Van Haima 7X side view

Dimensions of the Haima 7X include 4,815 mm in length, 1,874 mm in width, 1,720 mm in height and 2,860 mm in wheelbase.

Haima 7X cabin and interior design

Haima 7X cab is amazing for people who think Chinese cars are ugly and backward in modern design style. Of course, there is no doubt that the dashboard and center console are clearly inspired by famous foreign models, especially Mercedes-Benz and Beamo; But the use of a large screen for the entertainment system and the panel behind the steering wheel is admirable. On the other hand, it should be noted that the whole of this section does not have a display, and in fact, two screens completely separated by each other are mounted on a frame close to each other.

Van Haima 7X Interior View

Pictures of the Haima 7X on Chinese sites show faux leather upholstery for the seats, seats and a large section of the dashboard. These devices are rarely offered for Chinese models. The lower part of the dashboard is made of the same color plastic as the seats.

The steering wheel, air conditioning outlet, gear lever and center console have an eye-catching design in harmony with the other components. The key layout has a convenient and minimal classification. Haima 7X also uses the parking brake and push-button starter to make the dashboard space simple and user-friendly.

Van Haima 7X Seat View

The images of the Haima 7X rear seats show a separate, captain-like look in luxury cars, which is smaller than the German or American models. These conditions seem to provide great comfort for second- and third-row occupants (for rear access) and are suitable for ceremonies or out-of-town trips. On the other hand, it should be noted that Haima 7X has little space to carry the load inside the trunk when the third row seats are active.

Overall, the interior design of the Haima 7X is satisfactory, although the materials used in the cabin, including the leather of the seats and the hard plastic of the dashboard, do not look high quality and luxurious.

Haima 7X propulsion and technical equipment

There are two types of turbocharged engines with volumes of 1.5 and 1.6 liters for Haima 7X in the Chinese market. The base model is produced with 165 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque; While the more powerful version is 195 hp and 293 Nm. Both Haima 7X models weigh about 1,700 kg and have an average fuel consumption of 10 to 11 liters of gasoline per 100 km. These cars are produced only with the front differential system and 7-speed automatic transmission.

Haima 7X technical facilities and safety equipment

Haima has tried to offer the 7X close to luxury class cars. This product lacks some special features, such as a massager and electric settings for the rear seat; But in custom models, it is sold with heater and cooler inside the chair.

Van Haima 7X steering wheel view

Full versions of Haima 7X in the Chinese market, equipped with automatic air conditioning with output for the rear row, cruise control with the ability to reduce and increase speed in traffic, keyless entry and start, power box, front and rear sensors, 360-degree camera, display Air pressure of the tires, traction and stability control technology, auxiliary braking, keeping the car up and down, LED lights, interior lighting, six airbags, sunroof, 19-inch rim and 225 mm tires.

Possible price of Haima 7X in Iran

In the Russian market, the Haima 7X retails for $ 20,000 and is priced at $ 23,500 with additional features. With these descriptions, if we consider the dollar rate as about 26 thousand tomans; We can be sure that Haima 7X will cost more than one billion tomans in Iran.

Van Haima 7X gear lever view

Currently, the chassis made by Chery, Jack and Dongfeng (Dignity and Fidelity), although they are in the price range of one billion Tomans; They do not have much problem selling in the Iranian market. Under these circumstances, it seems unlikely that the people of our country will welcome the Haima 7X in the small van (MPV) class simply because of the seven-seater structure.

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