Valve stops trying to improve Metavers

Metavars is one of the fascinating and mysterious phenomena in the world of technology that has recently attracted the attention of many people. Numerous companies are now trying to get in the way, but Valve seems to have a different decision. According to the latest news, it seems that the company intends to divert its attention from Metavars and focus on the Steam Deck.

According to DigitalTrendsVolvo member Tyler McWicker posted a video on YouTube detailing its plans for virtual reality. He points out that the company has lost most of its interest in virtual reality. This is said to be largely due to the huge success of Meta (formerly Facebook), which has introduced relatively low-cost headsets under the Oculus brand and has been bought by many major virtual reality developers. It seems that even now it has decided to focus its efforts on the power of the Steam Deck portable gaming PC.

Apparently, the company used to work on a virtual reality game called “Project Citadel”, but now it is rebuilding the game for Steam Deck to demonstrate its capabilities. A post was recently published on Reddit claiming that Project Citadel would be a hybrid strategy game and would be unveiled within the next two years.

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Most companies are now trying to use or at least expand virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to create metaways. Facebook even changed its name to Meta to show its focus on MetaVers. Of course, the ambition to achieve a higher position in the new age is not limited to meta.

Unity has acquired Weta Digital Visual Effects Studio to shape the “future of Metavars”. Nvidia’s CEO believes that the Metavers will be a bigger economic force than the real world. Even Microsoft is trying to turn the Teams into a “gateway to Metavars.”

Volvo was one of the first companies to achieve commercial success in the field of virtual reality. Many hardware companies also used the SteamVR Vavle platform.

Meta has made several major acquisitions in the field of virtual reality, which have strengthened the company’s VR platform. 2019 was the year Beat Games, the developer of the hugely popular Beat Saber title, was acquired by the company. If we look at the meta-efforts and successes that have been achieved so far in this field, we find that the company is definitely in a strong position in the virtual reality market.

On the other hand, Steam Deck is one of the most anticipated game hardware. Unfortunately, due to lack of parts, it has postponed the sale of Steam Deck until next year. Due to the state of PC hardware (especially graphics cards), the Steam Deck offers a much easier way to enter the world of PC games.

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