Using the Steam Deck console to remotely control weapons in the Ukraine war

Ukrainian soldiers must have a lot of initiative to fight against the Russian army. The Ukrainian military uses commercial drones to detect and fight enemy forces, and now even uses Steam Deck handheld game consoles in battles.

Steam deck is actually used to control the machine gun remotely. It should be mentioned that this project, which is called Saber, was launched through a crowdfunding platform.

Steam Deck is definitely designed for playing video games, but Ukrainian soldiers have used it to remotely control large machine guns. PCWorld Saber, he writes, is designed to repel attackers from a safe distance and can be used to control anti-tank weapons, Kalashnikovs, etc.

In the published video of Saber’s performance, a PKT type machine gun can be seen. This type of heavy weapon is usually mounted on vehicles and is optimized for firing from a distance. According to the Saber team, this device can help keep soldiers safe because they will no longer have to stand behind it to use the machine gun.

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