Using Nastaliq font for Instagram on Android and iPhone

Customizing the font is one of the most exciting things, but a series of platforms such as Instagram have a special emphasis on the default font and normally do not allow changing the font. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world and more than two billion people use it every month. The platform has hosted many changes over time, however, it still doesn’t allow you to change the font.

Instagram has several sections; When you open the application, you will come across the main page (feed) which includes the posts of the followed people and the posts suggested by the software algorithm. The Explore section has endless new posts. You can write a biography on the profile page and you can choose a caption (description) when posting.

Instagram has temporary posts in the form of stories that have gained significant popularity since its inception. Story is one of the most money-making parts of Instagram, and many activists of this social network advertise in the form of story posts.

Instagram only allows you to use several fonts in the story section. The variety of these fonts is not high, but through them you can create more diverse content. Custom fonts increase the attractiveness of posts and send you more audience.

Nastaliq font on Instagram for Android and iPhone

The fonts embedded in the story section are not focused on the Persian language in the first place. These fonts are designed for English language, but they also make changes in Farsi text. In general, if you’re looking to use an attractive font, you can’t count on Instagram’s default fonts. This is where miscellaneous and informal tools come into the equation.

Nastaliq font is very attractive and makes your Instagram account more exciting. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the Nastaliq font on Instagram in normal mode. Regardless of the device you’re using (iPhone or Android phones), fonts can generally be modified in two ways.

Nastaliq Instagram font in the story section

Instagram supports text in the bio, post caption, comment and story sections. If you are looking to use the Nastaliq font in the story section, it is better to first design your desired story in various applications that support the font. For example, you can create an image in the size of a story in the InShot software and write text on it with the Nastaliq font. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add Nastaliq font to the story through Instagram’s internal tools.

Another solution is to use a series of different sites. By visiting the site Online Nastaligh You can write the desired text and receive the result in JPEG or PNG format. Save this image to your phone and log in to Instagram.

Enter the story section on Instagram and click on the Create option. Tap on the sticker icon and select the image of the Nastaliq text. By doing this, the desired image will be added to the story. Unfortunately, this method is not very optimal, because your text has a white background.

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If you are looking for the best method, design the story image in Photoshop software (or InShot software on smartphones) and write on it with Nastaliq font.

Nastaliq Instagram font in bio, caption and comment

It is not so difficult to use Nastaliq font for biography, caption and comment sections. By default, this cannot be done, but by using a special character, it is possible to use the Nastaliq font.

Enter the character ﮼ in the story, bio or other parts of Telegram. If you have problems copying the character, enter the following phrase in the Google search engine and do the search. On the results page, the character in question will be displayed.

Enter Instagram and then profile settings, you can write a biography in the profile settings section. Place the mentioned character before the desired text and then write the text. According to Zomit’s reviews, this method doesn’t work on all devices, but on most phones, you can use the Nastaliq font on Instagram.

Zomit FAQs

  • How to use Nastaliq font on Instagram?

    To use Nastaliq Farsi font on Android and iPhone Instagram, you must use various sites or the ﮼ character.

  • Is it possible to change the Instagram font?

    Yes. It is possible to change the font of some sections of Instagram.

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