US ITC Commission: Samsung and TSMC are suspected of patent infringement

Large multinational companies are constantly dealing with legal challenges, and this is more true for companies in the technology industry than others, because the patents that are registered in this industry always create margins, and the owners of these patent documents to defend They will do anything for their rights.

Samsung has a long history of legal battles over patents, the most famous example of which was the Korean company’s multi-year challenge with Apple. In addition to these, government regulatory bodies have repeatedly questioned Samsung. as Sammobile writes the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) Researching Samsung.

Commission The USITC said in a statement that it has begun investigating some of Samsung Electronics’ business units to determine whether the company infringed patents. Samsung is not the only company being monitored by the USITC. The commission has apparently launched similar investigations into Qualcomm and TSMC, two well-known chip companies.

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The USITC’s investigations into Samsung, Qualcomm and TSMC are focused on semiconductor products, integrated circuits and smartphones. The American company Daedalus Prime filed a complaint against these companies last month, and apparently the investigation by the US International Trade Commission has started due to this complaint.

The USITC investigates some semiconductor products manufactured by Samsung and TSMC and several integrated circuits manufactured by Samsung and Qualcomm. Daedalus Prime said in its complaint that it is seeking to stop the sale of products that the company claims are patent infringers.

The case will be handed over to a judge soon. Cases like this usually take a long time to resolve, so don’t expect any final word on Samsung’s Daedalus Prime lawsuit any time soon.

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