Updating the Galaxy Watch 4 can cause this smartwatch to turn off permanently

Updating the software of electronic devices is very important to improve their performance and efficiency, but if you are using Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, it is recommended not to install the new update released for these smart watches. We’re specifically referring to update number R89xXXU1GVI3, as some users have reported that their smartwatch won’t turn on after downloading and installing it.

According to Digital Trends, users have reported in online forums that both Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series models have turned off and remained in the same state after installing the R89xXXU1GVI3 update. This means that the smart watch of this group of users will no longer be launched, and in fact, the installation of the mentioned update will prevent the device from turning on.

A user named SilverHawk0 reported on Reddit on November 2 that his Galaxy Watch 4 stopped working after turning it off and trying to restart it. Some of the responses given to this user indicate that the said problem occurred due to the installation of the R89xXXU1GVI3 update, also known as GVI3.

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In response to the original post about the R89xXXU1GVI3 Galaxy Watch 4 update issue, a user on the Samsung forums posted a screenshot of the company’s statement. This article states:

We are aware that a limited number of Galaxy Watch 4 series models will no longer turn on after installing the latest update (VI3). We have stopped the release of this update and will provide a new version soon. We recommend that users who have encountered this problem with their Galaxy Watch 4 contact the nearest Samsung service center in their area or contact the support center.

If you’re a Galaxy Watch 4 owner and haven’t installed the GVI3 update yet, we recommend waiting for Samsung to release the new version. However, if you’ve downloaded the faulty update, you should contact the company’s support team for troubleshooting instructions.

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