Update Foxit PDF Reader now; Fixed 50 security vulnerabilities

Update Foxit PDF Reader now;  Fixed 50 security vulnerabilities

A new version of the free Foxit PDF Reader software is available for Windows and Macbook. Updates have also been released for the premium version of Foxit PDF Editor, making it one of the best PDF editors out there.

In both new versions, Foxit Software has fixed 50 security vulnerabilities, most of which are classified as very dangerous. Currently, no attacks have been identified that have exploited these vulnerabilities.

According to Foxit’s new statementAll Reader versions prior to 2023.3 are vulnerable on Windows and macOS. In the case of Foxit PDF Editor, versions older than x.13 are affected by the vulnerability.

Most vulnerabilities can be exploited by injecting and executing arbitrary code through PDF files. The number of vulnerabilities discovered in the Mac version is much less than that of Windows; However, there is still a high probability of risk for Apple users.

Foxit PDF Reader, formerly known as Foxit Reader, was initially popular as a smaller alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader, but as Foxit Reader’s features have increased due to the add-ons provided, the size of this software has now reached over 140 MB.

Most web browsers such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox are equipped with PDF readers, which are sufficient for quick viewing.

The open-source Sumatra PDF software can still be considered a really light and no-installation alternative, as its download file is only eight megabytes in size.

Foxit PDF Editor, formerly known as Foxit PhantomPDF, is a PDF creation and editing tool that competes with Adobe Acrobat. The Foxit PDF Reader installation file automatically installs the 14-day trial version of Foxit PDF Editor if the user chooses.

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