Unrecorded; A video game that looks too real

It’s somewhat of a compliment to make an indie video game project feel fake by being too realistic. Now the released gameplay of a new video game called Unrecord has surprised many people because of its realness.

Alexander Spindler, the developer of Unrecord has gained a lot of fans on the internet by unveiling the first gameplay trailer of this game, and of course, some still doubted that this game is real. Unrecord owes part of its extreme realism to the Unreal Engine 5 game engine; A tool that is famous for its attractive capabilities in producing unusual images.

Many people portrayed the Unrecord trailer as simply a pre-rendered video or with some filmmaking tricks applied to it. This situation went so far that the developer of the game, DRAMA, had to respond to many people on the Steam store page. In any case, whether the gameplay will translate into enjoyable mechanics or not is of little importance for now. Unrecord has become a household name as a realistic video game, and it proved the skeptics wrong that such a fascinating game really exists.

to report Windows CentralSome people’s early impressions of the Unrecord trailer still show signs of instantly rendered graphics, with hints of 3D models and reflections on glossy surfaces. However, some thought that Unrecord is probably a virtual reality game and the reason for that can be stated in the angle and type of camera movement, but DRAMA showed with several answers that the idea of ​​the game being virtual reality is completely wrong.

When asked if Unrecord will be developed for VR headsets, DRAMA emphatically answered no. Although this game is only developed for PC, its console ports will not be far away. However, game developers have focused more on mouse and keyboard input controls.

Spindler By sharing several behind-the-scenes videos of Unrecord running on Unreal Engine 5, it put an end to the doubts of those who didn’t believe the game was real. However, no exact date for the release of the game has been announced yet, but the gaming industry is really changing and interesting developments.

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