Unlimited creativity in works created without Photoshop and with a smartphone

Yahaoo Drizen The artist is from Tel Aviv and owns an advertising agency called CRACKER TLV, where he works full time. He is constantly looking for any subject that will inspire him. All his photos are taken in real places using two smartphones without Photoshop and editing. Yahaw About his interest in his work, he says:

Creativity and storytelling are my hobbies and photography is my childhood hobby. I love it; Because it allows me to be creative and discover different angles and different stories in one image.

Yahau Drizen / Toy Story

My photos make ordinary situations extraordinary and enchant by combining two different things and creating a completely new story.

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He says about the first time the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese composite photos came to his mind:

The first time I was photographed like this was when I was near a clock tower in Tel Aviv and remembered the Big Ben clock in London. Then I tried to combine the Tel Aviv tower with Big Ben; This is how I discovered my style.

Yahoo Drizen / Pedestrian Line

A smartphone is something we all carry with us throughout the day. This allows Dreysen to capture these types of photos on the spot, whenever she has an idea or inspiration, without Photoshop or editing.

Yahoo Driesen / Harry Potter

Yahoo Driesen / Forrest Gump

Yahoo Drizen / Cartoon and Kagsh

Yahoo Drizen / Maximus Rapunzel

Yahoo Drizen / Madagascar

Yahoo Drizen / Sleeping in a Restaurant

Yahaw Drizen / Pencil

Yahoo Drizen / Kung Fu Panda

Yahaw Drizen / The Simpsons

Yahoo Drizen / Forrest Gump Sunset

Yahaoo Drizen

Yahaw Driesen / Simpson

Yahoo Drizen / Kung Fu Panda

Yahoo Drizen / Mickey Mouse

Yahaoo Drizen / Frog

Yahaw Drizen / Quinn

Yahoo Drizen / Pulp Fiction

Yahoo Drizen / Statue of Liberty

Yahoo Drizen / Bowling Ball

Yahaw Drizen / Pineapple

Yahaoo Drizen / The Simpsons Amusement Park

Yahoo Drizen / Pulp Fiction

Yahaoo Drizen / Demon and Sweetheart

Yahoo Drizen / Madagascar Giraffe

Yahoo Drizen / Guitar Tower

Yahaoo Drizen / Lion King

To see more creative images of this artist you can go to Yahoo Drizen’s Instagram Page Head over.


We hope you have noticed this part of the shutter. Which image do you think was more creative and interesting? Have you ever had ideas like Yahoo! Share your experiences with Zomit users.

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