Unlawful price increase of household appliances for the second time

The head of the Tehran Home Appliances Sellers Union said that the price increase of home appliances was not recorded in the 124 system, which is a place to monitor product prices, but the manufacturer sells the products to the distributor at higher prices.

Akbar Pazouki to the reporter stamp He said that the price of household appliances has not been registered in the 124 system for a year: “Manufacturers do not register the price increase they have applied in the 124 system so that the price increase is not officially registered, but on the other hand, they deliver the goods to the distributor at a higher price.” Based on this, they are currently undecided.” In this way, the system that was supposed to be a place to monitor the price for the people, businesses, unions, guild inspection and silence, has lost its essence: “It was supposed to use the information of this system, if a shop sells goods more expensive, people can complain. to register high-priced sales; But currently there is no source to monitor prices.”

According to him, at any price the producer buys raw materials or any changes he makes to the product, he must provide documented and substantiated information to the support organization and the organization sets prices based on these documents, but this is not happening now: “Unfortunately, “There is no news about the support organization in the household appliances industry.”

Since the import of household appliances was banned in 2017, the authorities were warned about the danger of creating a monopoly market, but despite the fact that this ban was supposed to be lifted at the end of 1400, the Ministry of Silence announced that it is looking for exports instead of importing household appliances.

These conditions have progressed in such a way that producers do not even pay attention to the law to increase prices.

Previously, in February, Pazoki announced that there was a price increase of between 5 and 15 percent for household appliances and up to 20 percent in some brands. At the same time, the price of water coolers of two or three companies increased by 65%. At the same time, he said that none of the companies that increased their prices had permission from the Consumer Protection Organization and the Ministry of Privacy, and some did not even publish their price lists.

They have increased the prices twice in a situation where sellers and distributors experienced an 80% decrease in their sales last year, and according to Pazouki, the market in general has plunged into recession and buying goods has been reduced to buying dowries and the like. Expensive goods and buyers’ dissatisfaction with the quality of domestically produced household appliances make them reluctant to buy domestic household appliances. Many are either looking to repair their old devices, or try to buy bootleg goods that they trust to be of better quality.

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