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The images below are a collection of the most attractive landscape photos Felix OdellIs a Stockholm-based photographer. Odell photography of natural environments in countries such as Greece, Norway and Sweden reveals the dreamy beauty of various landscapes that seem to have remained untouched by humans.

There is a tragic atmosphere in Odell’s work that has permeated many of his photographic styles, including portraiture, interior design, lifestyle photography, and inanimate nature. His paintings depict nature in its most mysterious and calm state. For example, in a picture of a limestone mine on the Swedish island of Gotland and pine trees along a lake in Timur, Odell depicts a stillness in which the lack of public intervention has given rise to a terrestrial atmosphere.

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Jordan, somewhere between Aqaba and Petra. Christmas afternoon

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Sweden, Gotland, Stankosten. Early summer morning

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Norway, Hoysand. Norwegian National Tourist Road Architect: Architect Clothing. Summer night, midnight sun

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Sweden, Timuro, Logdesion. Summer afternoon. Pine trees on top of a small lake

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Greece, Perga. Olive Garden, summer morning

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Sweden, Gotland. Summer afternoon, limestone mine

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Sweden, Stockholm, Rottelman. Snow trees in winter

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Sweden, Iglosa. Land of Rasp. Foggy summer morning

Landscape Photography / Felix Odell

Sweden, Gotland. Morning fog on the farm

Following his usual intuitive process, O’Dell spends time in a variety of locations with his camera, capturing his visual experience in a gentle and thoughtful way. It does not matter if the images are from mountains, rocky deserts, the deep depths of olive groves or the vast and delicate lands of a sage farm, in any case, Odell’s works have the ability to communicate with the viewer.

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