Unfiltered internet was given to university professors

Mehr news agency published a letter today in which the legal deputy of the Ministry of Science asked the presidents of universities and research institutes to send the list of their faculty members to this deputy for access to the “Open Internet”.

This is a promise that July 26 Hosseinikia, the supervisory member of the parliament had given in the working group to determine examples of computer criminal content. It seems that the test phase of unfiltered internet is over for university professors, who have been sent a list to receive unfiltered internet.

This letter was written on the 28th of December, and in it, the class internet is called a new name. From now on, the name of the open Internet should be added to the names such as differentiated access level and Internet specialization or asymmetric filtering, which was previously referred to as the class Internet.

In this letter, it is stated: “With regard to the resolution of the 129th meeting of the working group for the determination of criminal cases, order to prepare a list of respected members of the faculty of that institution based on the attached form in the form of an Excel file in order to access the open Internet in order to use international platforms and websites with content Please send scientific, educational, research and technological information to this deputy as a matter of urgency for further actions.”

This letter to the Minister of Science, Mohammad Ali Zulfigol, transcribed, referred to the resolution of the working group for determining examples of criminal content. Thus, the authority that has closed the internet to the people has made it possible for the internet to be opened for some people.

The opening or closing of the Internet based on groups, occupations, and different social classes is the same issue that critics and media have repeatedly mentioned as a warning of the classification of the Internet; But the officials of the 13th government have constantly denied this issue. Recently, the Ministry of Communications has confirmed to Etemad newspaper in Javabiyeh: “Until now, none of the officials of the 13th government have spoken about class internet.” Meanwhile, there are various evidences for the implementation of class internet.

The news of granting open internet to the university professors came while the tightening of restrictions has disrupted a large part of people’s daily activities on the internet for about five months, and there is no hope of improving the conditions or even returning to the previous conditions.

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