Unauthorized access messages to LastPass accounts have been sent in error

The Apple Insider website recently saw some disturbing reports in the Hacker News community related to the LastPass password management service. According to these reports, a number of LastPass users have received warnings that unauthorized third parties are trying to access their accounts from around the world, especially in Brazil.

This type of attack is called Credential stuffing, and in this way the hacker tries to use other services to access their astLastPass با accounts by exploiting users’ information. Fortunately, according to LastPass, all unauthorized login attempts have been blocked. In addition, most of these accounts appear to have been old accounts of the service.

LastPass Deputy Product Manager Dan Demicle tweeted that alert messages may have been sent to users by mistake. Research by LastPass executives has shown that some of these security alerts sent to a limited subset of users of the platform may have been the result of an unexpected mistake. As a result, LastPass has reset its alert system, and the issue has since been resolved.

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LastPass users can be assured that their accounts are still secure and that they can use the service safely. Of course, LastPasss will continue to monitor the status of its platform to ensure that it is always secure. Meanwhile, changing the main account password is a very useful option that users can use for more security.

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