Ubuntu 22.04 will run on Raspberry Pi faster than ever

Raspberry Pi PCs are probably the most popular Linux-based PCs of all time because they are very low cost and offer unparalleled training and versatility. The performance of the first few models of these boards was not very good compared to PCs due to the use of low-power processors and limited RAM, but newer Raspberry Pi models like the fourth version of this board with eight GB of RAM, is itself a cost-effective PC. Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux desktop distributions in the world; The developers of this operating system in version 22.04 are preparing some tricks to improve its performance specifically on Raspberry Pi boards.

According to XDA, Canonical (Ubuntu Developer) product manager Oliver Smith announced in a blog post that the next version of Ubuntu will improve significantly in terms of Raspberry Pi performance. He said in part of his explanation:

Until now, we have advised users to use Raspberry Pi with 4GB or 8GB of RAM to run Ubuntu smoothly on their board. One of our goals for the next version of Ubuntu, LTS 22.04, is to reduce this barrier. This means that users in the next version of Ubuntu will be able to run the operating system smoothly on models that use even two gigabytes of RAM.

The main change is that Ubuntu in Raspberry Pi uses the Linux kernel zswap feature by default, which compresses blocks of memory instead of relying entirely on the swap file (where the contents of the RAM are moved in and out of the swap area into storage). This feature reduces input / output operations; A feature that is very important when using raspberries with low RAM. However, memory compression itself increases CPU usage, which is probably why this feature will not be enabled on older Raspberry Pi boards with weaker processors.

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Canonical has also gone one step further by increasing the number of compressible components (with Z3fold allocators) and using a different lz4 compression algorithm. The company has announced that the changes mentioned next to the use of zswap, the Ubuntu desktop, are now applicable to the Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB of RAM.

The release of Ubuntu 22.04 is scheduled for April, and these changes will be enabled by default on all Raspberry Pi 4 devices, including the 400 leg. Additionally, you can follow the instructions in the operating system blog post and try out the existing Ubuntu installation settings.

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